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Trash Polka Tattoo

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All You Need to Know about Trash Polka Tattoos Even after hundreds of years of ‘modern’ tattooing, the various types of tattooing styles can mesh together. While it’s true that you can distinguish between traditional tattoos and new school tattoos easily, this variation in style is nothing compared to the difference between classical and modern art. Trash polka tattoos are …

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Beautiful Military Tattoos That Show Freedom and Bravery

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Beautiful Military Tattoos That Show Freedom and Bravery Military tattoos go back centuries, with sailors getting pin-up girl tattoos to accompany them on long journeys or sparrows to remind them of their frequent stowaways. Over time, different divisions of militaries have acquired their own telltale designs and subject matters. Since military life is a defining moment of anyone who enters, …

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Memorial Tattoos

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Memorial Tattoos By Devon Fulford   One of the only certainties of life is that eventually, we all perish. Despite what we may feel about mortality and the possibilities of what happens—or doesn’t happen—after death, there’s no denying its inevitability. Losing loved ones can be terrifically difficult for the living. Those who are so inclined might opt to memorialize lost …

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Mastectomy Tattoos


Mastectomy Tattoos Both mastectomies and lumpectomies are used to remove portions of the body containing or at risk of developing cancerous tumors. Sometimes, the whole breast is removed; Other times, portions of the breast is removed. The removal of both breasts is not usually required, but it does occur. The procedure usually leaves large and uneven scars in the region …

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Alkmaar Tattoo Convention 2015

Alkmaar Tattoo Convention 2015 By Romy Fernandes from RomyClick Photography During this whole year I’ve been visited a lot of Tattoo Conventions around The Netherlands, but I must say that this last one has had something completely different to the rest, an amazing location inside of a Gothic Church. On the weekend of 28 and 29 November, took place The 9th …

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Tattoo Removal


Tattoo Removal While tattoos are toted as a permanent body modification, technology has advanced far enough that almost any tattoo can be removed without leaving a trace behind. Whether through laser surgery, tattoo removal creams, or frequent scrubbing, there are plenty of ways to speed up the fading process or remove the tattoo entirely. As a site that enjoys expressing …

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Laser Tattoo Removal


Laser Tattoo Removal When you want to get your tattoo removed, laser tattoo removal is the best way to do it, hands down. It is the safest method, has very few long-term side effects, and is the most effective at actually removing the tattoo. While there are many other techniques that claim to have the same efficacy, very few of …

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