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Popular Tattoos

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Popular Tattoos Hula hoops. Denim pantsuits. Sideburns. Though pop culture might not be everyone’s cup of tea, trends become popular due to an overabundance of people partaking in them. The world of ink is not immune to the phenomena of styles that blow up in the mainstream. And though the word “popular” is largely subjective, and people are apt to …

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Cool Tattoo Ideas

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Cool Tattoo Ideas Part of getting a tattoo is getting something cool and amazing that people will recognize you for. There’s no doubt that not all tattoo ideas are cool, so if you’re someone who enjoys that positive attention, picking the right design is crucial. If you choose wrong, you have to carry a tattoo that you are unsatisfied with …

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Tattoo Shops in Las Vegas

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Tattoo Shops in Las Vegas Las Vegas is a haven for international tourism, drawing in people from all over the world with its intense night life. Lights fill the city at all hours, restaurants and casinos remain open at all hours, and there are plenty of people there on the streets to make sure you have a good time. It’s …

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Henna Tattoo Kits

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All You Need To Know About Henna Tattoo Kits Henna is a traditional temporary tattoo phenomena that is popular worldwide. This paste is created from a plant and creates a stain on the skin when applied. The stain can last up to six weeks, making this the closest thing to ‘permanent’ that a temporary tattoo can be. The deep brown …

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Inspirational Tattoos

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Inspirational Tattoos For You Inspiration is more than just a good idea. It is a force of creation that can strike us at any moment. It can make seemingly ordinary people do extraordinary things, from painting a masterpiece to leaving their regular lives for a more dangerous volunteer position. One particular type of inspiration is called frisson—the shiver as an …

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Cancer Tattoos

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Cancer Tattoos Many of our articles go on about how tattoos are a form of art that says something deep about the person who wears them. While this is true, tattoos can also serve another very important purpose—they can deliver a message. Cancer tattoos are somewhat rare, but their main purpose matches that of a message. Rather than display something …

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Tattoo Places

What are the Best Tattoo Places for You? You have the perfect tattoo design. It has a bunch of significant meaning to you, and you have wanted it since you were a kid! You’ve spoken to all of your friends about it, and they all agree it’s perfect for you. But where on earth are you going to get it? …

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