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Hourglass Tattoo

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Hourglass Tattoo Designs An hourglass tattoo depicts something older than most countries in existence today. Its association with life, death, permanence, the past, the future, and the temporary has made it a popular tattoo choice for those conscious of the world’s fragility. The phrase ‘the sands of time’ originates from the hourglass, and it means that everyone’s time is predetermined …

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Traditional Tattoos

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Traditional Style Tattoos Although tattoo machines have been around since 1872, they are already considered the traditional method of tattooing. It’s been over one hundred years, after all, so why wouldn’t that be the case? There are several different traditional tattoos styles that became popular after the tattoo machine revolutionized the industry, but we’ll be looking at American styles in …

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Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

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Tattoo Cover Up Ideas Just as a phoenix rises from the ashes born anew, a tattoo you no longer desire can be made into something beautiful. While it’s a prevailing myth that tattoos are permanent, there are many different ways that tattoo artists can cover tattoos. They can also be removed, but that’s not nearly as beautiful as the other …

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Maori Tattoo Meanings

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Maori Tattoo Meanings For thousands of years, Maori tattoo designs have entranced us with their simultaneous simplicity and complexity. By layering simple shapes and solid lines together, the body becomes a canvas for a huge portrait of life. Each tiny shape and design has meaning, and when put together, they form a story. We’re not talking about tribal arm bands …

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