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Temporary Tattoo

Henna Tattoo

henna tattoo

The Spectacular Henna Tattoo World Today we’ll be talking all about henna tattoos. From safety concerns, to where to buy them, to how to make the dye and apply it…really, we’re going to cover all bases today. I hope you’re ready for a spectacular tour of the Henna Tattoo world!   Are Henna Tattoos Safe? One of the first things that …

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Custom Temporary Tattoos

Custom Temporary Tattoos There are many situations where you would want a tattoo without the commitment of getting one. In example, if you needed one for a play or a movie shoot, you obviously wouldn’t want to wear that character’s tattoo permanently. Temporary tattoos are an awesome accessory for vacations and holidays, serving as a marker that you are relaxing …

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Henna Tattoo Kits

henna tattoo kits fi

All You Need To Know About Henna Tattoo Kits Henna is a traditional temporary tattoo phenomena that is popular worldwide. This paste is created from a plant and creates a stain on the skin when applied. The stain can last up to six weeks, making this the closest thing to ‘permanent’ that a temporary tattoo can be. The deep brown …

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Make Your Own Tattoo

Make Your Own Tattoo Featured Images

Make Your Own Tattoo We’ve already told you how to make your own fake tattoo, but what do you do if you want to design your own? Becoming an artist takes years of practice, so you may not have what it takes to immediately draw out a masterpiece. Plus, picking a design can be difficult when there are hundreds of …

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How to Make a Fake Tattoo

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How to Make a Fake Tattoo There are plenty of reasons to learn how to make fake a tattoo. Faking a tattoo lets you practice with design, color, and composition. It helps you decide what kind of permanent tattoo to get before you get one. It has useful applications in stage and theater makeup, allowing for realistic tattoos that can …

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