Female Tattoos

female tattoos

20 Hot and Stunning Female Tattoos In the current political world, sex and gender remain interesting things. Is a gender identity determined at birth by the mind or genitals, or is it something that we form as we mature? On top of that, how many genders are there? Male and female are the ones we all know, but the spectrum …

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Alternative Women of St. Louis


Alternative Women of St. Louis By Devon Fulford Ahh, St. Louis, the “Gateway to the West.” Smacked down in central, Midwestern America, St. Louis isn’t a sleepy little burb by any stretch of the imagination. Home to several professional sports teams, the acclaimed City Museum, Forest Park, and—of course—the notable Gateway Arch, St. Louis is loaded with culture and art …

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Fine Art Meets Tattoo

fine art meets tattoo fi5

Fine Art Meets Tattoo Art to make One Sick Buffy Fan Art Tatt Many fine artists are excited to have their paintings or drawings shown in galleries. Sometimes if they’re very fortunate a piece might just be liked well enough to get it permanently added to someone’s skin in the form of a tatt. This is one of such story …

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Gabriel Wolff

NEW featured image hebrew-tattoos.com

Gabriel Wolff from Hebrew Tattoos Today we are interviewing Gabriel Wolff. Not strictly a tattoo artist, Gabriel refers to himself as a Jewish tattoo designer. Rather than inking his designs himself, he draws Hebrew calligraphy designs and sends them for others to ink and get inked.   It all Started off Wrong – Very Wrong! Gabriel grew up in the …

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Interview Jes Mesa Osilao

jes mesa osilao a1

Jes Mesa Osilao Jes Mesa Osilao hails from Cagayan de Oro city, all the way in the Philippines. He’s a 28 year old tattoo artist who has his own business, Jes Tattoo. He has known since he was a child that he would become a tattoo artist, out of obligation to his future customers. “In a country like the Philippines, …

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Dimos Karagiannis

dimos karayiannis featured image

Dimos Karagiannis Today we’ll be interviewing Dimos Karagiannis, who hails from the Serres area of northern Greece. At 29 years old, he’s already been a tattoo artist for 5 years. While he has shown talent with football and has worked in a few non-artistic occupations, he ultimately decided to pursue a career as a tattoo artist. That decision is one …

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Kid Ink Tattoos

kid ink tattoos featured images

Kid Ink Tattoos   Born on April 1st, 1986, Kid Ink is a rapper that started off his career with his World Tour mixtape. He’s been interested in music since high school, but he didn’t start pursuing it as a career until he was 22. Now, at 29, he is world-renowned. He’s been nominated for the MTV Music Awards in …

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Interview Jeffy Scott

interview jeffy scott featured images

Jeffy Scott   Resting in the heart of Coral Springs, Florida are quite a few talented tattoo artists. The one we’ll be interviewing today is none other than Jeffy Scott, an artist who focuses mainly on his line work and bold colors. Born in Baltimore, MD 31 years ago, this artist finally found his home at No Hard Feelings Tattoo …

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