Best Piercing Aftercare Product

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Best Piercing Aftercare Product We have covered the ins and outs of tattoo aftercare products, but you might find yourself wondering what to use to clean piercings. Since we want to take care of anyone starting their foray into the body art world, we decided to focus on the best piercing aftercare products available to you. Body piercing is an …

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Face Piercings

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The 30 Most Beautiful and Breathtaking Face Piercings There are dozens of different piercings that you can get to accent your favorite features of your face. Do you want to show off your eyes? A bridge piercing brings the center of attention to your face. Confident in the form of your lips? A medusa or labret piercing suits you. Want …

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Top Ear Piercing

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Absolutely Staggering Top Ear Piercings There are dozens of different piercing techniques for the ears, and earlobe piercings don’t even begin to cover it. A top ear piercing can be just as noticeable as an earlobe piercing and it can allow for a wider range of jewelry because there is simply more space to interact with. If you’re tired of …

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Labret Piercing

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40 Amazingly Unique Labret Piercings for You Any piercing of the lower lip, or labrum, is referred to as a labret piercing. Labret piercings are a mark of dedication and endurance, thanks to the excessive care and self-control needed to wear jewelry on the lower lip. As with many other piercings, they have an extensive history. You could find men …

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Types of Piercings

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Here are the Top Types of Piercings You’ll Want to Get! We have tons of articles focusing on tattoos, but they aren’t the only type of body art in the world. Piercings are a unique way of wearing jewelry that can be swapped out with other designs on a daily basis. On top of that, most piercings will heal over …

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Belly Button Rings

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All you Need to Know about Belly Button Rings Belly button rings have been around for so long that no one quite knows their history. Some theorize that the belly rings originated as an Egyptian ritual. In a weird parallel that only ancient Egypt would get, piercing your belly represented the liberation of your spirit from the mortal world into …

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Infected Ear Piercing

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Why You Don’t Want an Infected Ear Piercing Cartilage is especially prone to infections, since the area has fewer blood vessels to transport white blood cells in. Despite their popularity, ear piercings are no exception. Here are some tips on preventing infection in the area, recognizing the signs of an infected ear piercing, and some ways to calm down swelling …

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Nose Rings

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Are Nose Rings for You? Nose rings are a beautiful complement to any person, accenting the natural shadows and impressions of the area. They are seen as priceless jewelry throughout every culture of the world, going back for as long as history has been recorded. Getting a nose ring might be daunting at first—what happens if something goes wrong? What …

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Piercing Shops

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Piercing Shops – How to Choose One and What Your Piercing will Cost You! Tattooing is just one form of body modification that focuses on the skin as a canvas and ink as its paint. Piercing is arguably a more popular form of body modification, and for their fortunate patrons, many tattoo shops double as piercing shops. If a shop …

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Helix Piercing

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Do Helix Piercing Fit Your Type? Ear piercings are some of the most mainstream types of body modification, yet there are still some piercings that are classified as ‘special’ or ‘exotic.’ A helix piercing is probably the most common of these ‘special’ piercings, and for good reason. They look spectacular, there’s room for quite a few on your ear’s helix, …

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