20 More Dazzling Anchor Tattoos

20 More Dazzling Anchor Tattoos

If you missed our first article on anchor tattoos, you can check it out here. If you did read it and found yourself craving more, then today’s article is just for you! Anchors are the defining symbol of the U.S. Navy and sailors in general. The symbolism of an anchor is closely linked to a spiritual connection between two people, with the implications that one person keeps the other from getting lost in a sea of negative emotions. The biblical meaning of anchors ties the souls of Christians to their hope of heaven. We go into much more detail about anchor tattoo meanings in our first article, but for today, let’s talk about some fun designs!

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Female Anchor Tattoos

Since there are never too many tattoos for women, I want to get into more depth about these beautiful girly anchor tattoos. Feminine tattoos seem to be split into three groups right now—Modern tattoos, Neo Traditional tattoos, and traditional feminine tattoos. Traditional tattoos include roses, vines, trees, birds, the moon, and pretty much everything that would end in an ‘a’ in Romantic languages. Anchors are not considered traditionally feminine, but with the addition of some lovely flowers, they can become very feminine. Anchor and flower tattoos are a beautiful tribute to someone you love, sailors in general, or a memento of your time in the Navy.

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That doesn’t mean you can’t get them—modern tattoos that take advantage of shapes and lines fit anchor tattoos to a T. Anchor tattoos for women made this way will appear as a beautiful piece of modern art. In Neo Traditional art, the stoic anchor is transformed into a colorful and zany design. Curves and colors make it into a feminine image well suited to large areas of the body. Anchors make good feminine rib tattoos, and there’s lots of space to add a meaningful quote alongside it! Anchor tattoos on the ribs also make you look like an adventurous person, which is always good to see.

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Traditional Navy Tattoos

Since our last article, the U.S. Navy has eased their policy on tattoos. Starting April 30th, the tattoo policy of the Navy allows multiple or large tattoos below the elbow or knee, which includes hands or feet or areas that can be seen while in uniform. You can have one tattoo on your neck—which extends to behind your ear—of a one-inch diameter. Tattoos on the face are still strictly disallowed. You will also no longer be restricted to certain ranks because of your body art. Other types of body art retain their same rules.

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This is an amazing move by the Navy and allows sailors to sport their art without worrying about the implications. More than any other military branch, the Navy values their tattoos. This has gone back all the way to Roman times, where sailors would often get pin-up girl tattoos for long journeys. In more recent centuries, they have served as souvenirs for sailors that travel all across the globe. Tribal tattoos were popularized by the U.S Navy, and Sailor Jerry tattoos were practically named after them. The anchor symbol is a prominent design among Sailor Jerry tattoos, which means the anchors have become traditional navy tattoos.

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The U.S. Navy actually uses the anchor in all of their symbols. Their seal has an eagle holding an anchor, while their logo is simply the words ‘NAVY’ or ‘USN’ plastered over an anchor. As with most designs made for large organizations, U.S. Navy symbols make for excellent tattoos.

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Boat anchor tattoos are a good way to show off your dedicated and adventurous personality. When we think of a reliable person, we like to imagine that you can count on them through the thick and thin, just as a ship can rely on its anchor in a storm. On top of that, anchor tattoos are a wonderful tribute to sailors of all ages, going back to before history was even recorded. These tattoos align you with a wonderful group of people known for their bravery, adventurous nature, and loyalty to their homeland. And—if you have a love of the sea—perhaps you can consider yourself a sailor alongside them!

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