2016 Poznan Tattoo Convention in Poland

2016 Poznań Tattoo Convention in Poland

Our polish friend Kamila Burzymowska visited the Poznań Tattoo Convention 2016 and took some amazing pictures for you! Here is a very small extract from the over 100 pictures she made for us (the rest you can find in our Tattoo Convention Pinterest Album)!





The Tattoo Convention was a two-day festival on the 19th and 20th March taking place the city of Poznań in Poland. The events website is unfortunately only in Polish, but if you mastered that language take a look here or check our their Facebook Page.

t was the 15th edition of the event, which so far had been organized in three other Polish cities. Poznań Tattoo Konwent was the most popular event in the seven years’ history of the festival. At the
International Poznań Fair there were 8,322 visitors who could admire the work of 300 tattoo artists. In the programme, as usual, you could find various attractions related to artistic tattoo craft, xhibitions, shows,  fashion fair and concerts.

Throughout the convention the best tattoos were selected. They were evaluated by the jury of Dino ‘Pit’, Karol Krawczyk, Alex Mansuy in 8 contest categories.



During the event Sławomir Frączek from www.tattoo.pl parlour celebrated the 25th anniversary of his tattooist career. The artist has played a vital role in the development of artistic tattooing in oland. On the occasion of the jubilee 25 artists made a commemorative tattoo on Frączek’s body.




Amongst numerous attractions you could find a special Banana-INK booth, where everyone could make a tattoo on a banana. Not only could you see the performance of acrobatics by Adam Wysoczański, but also the suspension master Miss Crash had her show. During the two days of the festival you could see on stage such bands as Apteka, Magnificent Muttley, JWP/BC and Wuzet ith Enes and Jurny.

The next stop for Tattoo Konwent is Wrocław, where the most popular polish series of tattoo festivals will take place on 23rd and 24th April. You can find more information on their Facebook Page.

Thanks a lot to Kamila Burzymowska for the great pictuers and background information. We are looking forward to more pics! Meanwhile, check out her website or social media channels for more great art from her (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram).

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Apart from the attractions on stage, visitors will also be able to take part and witness other forms of entertainment like the fair and street fashion. There will also be various food choices available in the area.

The first Tattoo Convention was held back in 2009 at the Centrum Stocznia Gdansk. This year is the 15th edition of the Tattoo Convention. Last year, the convention recorded around 123 artists, 5000 visitors, and 152 exhibitors. These numbers is even expected to rise this year.

Know more details about the Tattoo Convention at their website or their Facebook page. And here are more photos of the event that will no doubt make you feel more excited about the event.










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