9 Different Spine Tattoo Ideas for You

I see people investing all the time in back items such as trinkets, jewellery, armor pieces etc. Why then don’t a lot of people go for spine tattoos is a mystery beyond me. Probably because while spine tattoos are indeed very beautiful pieces which can enhance one’s backside, they also require a high amount of careful planning; also, only meticulous tattoo artists can make an elegant looking spine tattoo. If you plan on using numbing cream, only do so in small amounts, since this is an area filled with crucial nerves beneath the skin. In this article I will talk about nine different spine tattoo pieces you can have on your back.

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#1 Moon:

Who would not like to have the different phases of moon directly on one’s back? Well this is one great tattoo for anyone who wants to have an appealing backside. A little bit of lidocaine cream helps deal with the pain of new moons, if you’re worried about it.


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Love it

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Great concept!

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#2 Book:

You would notice that a lot of book readers and fans get the spine of an unpublished book of their favorite author tattooed on their backs. You can do the same too, for your favorite author!


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#3 Portfolio:

If you are an artist (you don’t have to be a tattoo artist, necessarily) then spine tattoo is one way you can show off your portfolio to others. Given that you have a wide back, there should be enough room to fit a dozen artworks in one tattoo piece! Just have someone help you apply tattoo lotion during your tattoo healing process.

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#4 Personality:

If you want to tell others about your shining personality, well getting a Buddhist mandala design tattooed on your back is one great way to do it.


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#5 Peace sign:

In this day and age of constant war and strife, peace is very much needed to restore balance and harmony in the world. Do you want to make a difference in the world? There is no better way to do it than by showing off a tattoo of peace. Use any symbols of peace or signs of goodwill as your back tattoo; believe it or not, you will get half the job done for yourself! If you’re an artist, make sure to grab a specialized tattoo chair or tattoo table to ensure your client (and therefore, you) feels peaceful during their session.

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#6 Rose:

Rose is usually a girl’s favorite flower. Take the beautiful rose’s design a step further by getting it tattooed on your back in the form of a compass. It is a pure Scandinavian art which is going to make your back look even sexier!

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#7 Lover’s name:

Are you wondering where to get the name of your future husband tattooed? Well, there is no better place than your spine. When your husband removes your backside clothes and discovers his name written in there, just imagine how overwhelmed with passion he would be! You could not gift a better item to your man on the first night of your marriage!

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#8 Chakras:

It is said that a person has seven different chakras. Well, you can have all those chakras painted on your back. Not only your back would look enhanced, this would also mark an important milestone as far as taking you closer to spirituality is concerned.

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#9 Bird:

If you love a particular bird, such as say, peacock, you could have it tattooed on your spine. Whether or not you love peacock, would you want any other bird on your back, honestly speaking? I doubt it.

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