About Us

Who we are? Well actually just a small bunch of people with an idea. And that page here is that idea.

We all come from different backgrounds and also from different geographical regions. In our former lives we studied stuff like finance, business, economics, law and computer science. But there is one single common thing. Tattoos!

A bit more about why we started this blog/website and what we aim to achieve you can read in our very first introduction post in the privat talk section.

It’s all about Tattoos. All about the ink on your skin. And all about having or doing that ink right. So it’s Ink Done Right.  So you can expect us to be honest with a good sense of humor.

Welcome to all our readers! We are happy to have you with us and we really hope you’ll enjoy what you see and read on this site. Leave any comment or feedback you like, sign up for the newsletter to stay in touch (no, we won’t spam you!!), and we are looking forward to feeling the same passion and engagement on this blog!

Have a look at our articles. We answer tattoo related questions such as “How To Become a Tattoo Artist“, “How To Remove a Tattoo” or “How Much do Tattoos Cost“.  Besides answers to your questions, you will find various galleries of tattoo styles, tattooists and tattoo designs. Some of the most popular galleries are the “White Ink Tattoos“, “Roman Numeral Tattoos” and the “Tattoo Removal Before and After“.


Thank you!

Ink Done Right