Alkmaar Tattoo Convention 2015

Alkmaar Tattoo Convention 2015

By Romy Fernandes from RomyClick Photography

During this whole year I’ve been visited a lot of Tattoo Conventions around The Netherlands, but I must say that this last one has had something completely different to the rest, an amazing location inside of a Gothic Church. On the weekend of 28 and 29 November, took place The 9th Alkmaar Tattoo Convention, in the city of Alkmaar, The Netherlands.




This city is situated in the province of North Holland, it’s a popular cultural destination for tourists. This great and so beautiful Gothic Church, ‘Grote or Sint-Laurenskerk’, it’s a landmark Protestant church. The building is located on the Koorstraat, named for its choir. The church is formally owned by the “Stichting Behoud Monumentale Kerken Alkmaar”, which conducts restoration activities and rents it out for weddings and concerts, but also facilitates various cultural initiatives of the city, like this Tattoo Convention.


Over these lines, Tattoo Zanto from Harleem, The Netherlands.


As always there was a strong presence of female tattoo artists from different Tattoo Studios.


Over these lines, Bin Zhu a tattoo artist at Kingdom Tattoos Zaandam, The Netherlands.


Here, Pepe Tattoo from JmTattoo, a Tattoo Studio situated in Alkmaar, The Netherlands.


Jojo from the Jotat2 Tattoo Studio, in Elburg, The Netherlands.


Victor del Fueyo Tattoo Artist at Fine Dark Tattoo, Spain.


One of the things that I love about these Tattoo Conventions is the good atmosphere which one can feel, good vibes over the whole place!


The team of Masto Tattoo working.


Dick Jason Meijer of Tattoo Centre Alkmaar.


Tattoo Creatorium De Roze Barbaar situated in Terneuzen, the Netherlands.


Frenkey and Petor, the team of Frenkey tattoo, in The Hague, the Netherlands.


Ricardo Denz, tattoo artist at Legion Tattoo in Alkmaar, the Netherlands.


Ralph Otney & Xander Mulder working at the same time, of Bobson Ink situated in Tilburg, the Netherlands.


Tattoo Mickey Clarke in action as a part of the team Kingdom Tattoos Zaandam, the Netherlands.


The team of Dogstar-Tattoos, Aalsmeer (The Netherlands) taking in action.


We could see a lot of International Tattoo artists, from Italy, Spain, Greek, England, etc.


Alessandro Pennella of Tattoo Island situated in Lodi, Italy, choosing his ‘gun’.




The ambient and the light in this Convention was stunning, you could feel the concentration of all the artists working there.


Angela of HotRod Tattoo situated in Etten-Leurd (The Netherlands), getting ready for a new and amazing Ink.


Over these lines, Knucle Tattoo situated in Oostende, Belgium.


Photoshoot of Full Back Tattoos and some Full Front Tattoos


Photoshoot of Full Back Tattoos and some Full Front Tattoos

Luckily the art of tattooing is more alive than ever, with shows like the Alkmaar convention.

Have a wonderful Holidays and hope to see you in one of these amazing Tattoo Conventions next Year!



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