20 Anchor Tattoos Showing Faith, Loyalty and Solidarity

20 Anchor Tattoos Showing Faith, Loyalty and Solidarity

Boat Anchor Tattoos are some of the most common designs out there. You might find yourself wondering why exactly an inanimate object has become so near and dear to the hearts of so many. These ancient tools helped to anchor boats and prevent them from drifting in an unwanted direction, which was useful when the ships were docked or when they needed to remain in a certain location to fish. In today’s article, we have a ton of pictures of anchor tattoos, and we’ll also be going over the deep meaning behind them.

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Anchor Tattoos Meaning

What does an anchor represent? The symbolic meaning of an anchor symbol started in the early days of Christianity. While it surely had some meaning before then, its popularity soared as the Romans started persecuting the Christians heavily and they needed a secret symbol to identify each other. Their religion was a symbolic anchor in a storm, keeping them from wandering as they weathered the abuse of the Romans (read more). Outside of Christianity, anchors have a similar meaning. They represent someone or something that keeps someone going.

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Female Anchor Tattoos

Traditional anchor tattoos are usually solid silhouettes or a literal depiction of a sharp anchor. Anchor tattoo designs for girls need a bit more flair if they want to appear more feminine. For girly anchor tattoos, you can add beautiful flowers attached to the anchor. They can follow the shape of a rope that wraps around the anchor or they can appear to bloom out of the anchor itself. Colorful anchor tattoos also tend to be more feminine, and a beautiful metallic sheen might be just enough to turn a normal design into a girly anchor. If you are looking for sexy anchor tattoos, keep in mind that it is less about appearance and more about location. Place anchor tattoos in a spot you would like to gain attention. This can be an innocuous tattoo on your wrist or someplace more curvy.

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Anchor Tattoos with Quotes

Perhaps you are still wondering about the Mariner’s Cross meaning. The anchor bible verse Hebrews 6:19 describes hope as an anchor of the soul, and the Mariner’s Cross is meant to combine the religious symbol of the cross with the symbol of an anchor. As you might expect, the spiritual meaning of an anchor is closely tied to the quote, and they are often tattooed together.

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Anchors are a universal symbol of faith, loyalty, and solidarity. Whether you use the anchor as a spiritual icon or a symbolic icon, it carries a huge amount of meaning. Those who look at your anchor tattoo will interpret it in a number of ways, since it has a lot of individual meaning as well. If you are in a tough spot right now or finding your spirit adrift, an anchor tattoo might help center your path and weather through your adversities. And when your hard times are finally gone? Well, you’ll still have your beautiful tattoo to tell the story of your survival.

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