Ancient Art Tattoo | 20 Best Ancient Art Tattoo Designs

Ancient Art Tattoo | 20 Best Ancient Art Tattoo Designs

Between the art of Native American tribes, Mayan and Aztec cultures, Polynesian islands, the Chinese, the Japanese, Greeks, and Egyptians…there is a lot of art out there to create an ancient art tattoo! In today’s article, we have gathered all kinds of ancient art tattoos and gone into the history of many different types.

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Ancient Art Tattoo Ideas

There were once famous Egyptian artists who decorated the sides of ancient walls with detailed hieroglyphs and murals. Their names have been lost to time—other than a few secret signatures we have found—but their art has persevered for millennia. Other forms of ancient art make excellent tattoos. Norse and Celtic cultures have art styles that are perfect for tattooing, and there is a good chance that their tattoos used the same theme. Classical Christian tattoo art displays powerful emotions and devotion. Mayan and Aztec art has long outlasted their tribe, and their characteristic depth and beauty has become a common ancient art tattoo theme. There are hundreds of ancient cultures that have left behind their art, and virtually all of them make for good tattoos!

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Greek Ancient Art Tattoo

The Greeks and Romans revered the arts, even going as far as to say that a society without art was uncivilized. Ancient Greek paintings and mosaics continue to inspire all kinds of art, and tattoos are no exception. The most common classical Greek tattoos are ancient Greek sculptures. The intense emotions of these sculptures and their lack of pigmentations makes them awe-inspiring tattoos. Would you like to know some interesting Greek art facts? Many of these marble statues were actually painted! There are trace chemicals of paint on all of them that can even tell us what color they were painted. However, just like tattoos, these sculptures are still beautiful even without colored paint.

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Chinese Ancient Art Tattoo

Both Chinese and Japanese tattoos have common themes between them. They both use Kanji—which are arguably one of the oldest forms of pictoral art—and they also make reference to very similar myths. The tiger and dragon are bitter enemies and represent the two sides of yin and yang. A Chinese lung dragon on its own represents good luck and reverence for life. Japanese tattoos tend to be more abstract, with emphasis on the linework of the tattoos. Chinese tattoos are more realistic and focus on getting the image across. Of course, modern tattoos in both countries have dozens of stylistic variations that diverges from these ancient traditional tattoos.

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Many cultures went unmentioned in this article. However, their message rings clear. Despite their age, all types of ancient art looks good. That includes ancient art used as tattoo designs in the present time! Evidence of tattoo art goes back almost as far as we can track humanity. While we can’t ever know the origin of tattoos, we can enjoy the thousands of years of ancient art that have been kept alive through tattoos.

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