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20 Shining Angel Tattoos Sent from Heaven

20 Shining Angel Tattoos Sent from Heaven

When we think of angels, the first images that probably pop up in your mind are the winged, androgynous creatures that serve the god Yahweh. Or Elohim. He has at least a hundred names, and they’re difficult to keep track of! Point is, they are the ones you expect to see flying around heaven or protecting you on Earth. There are many other analogues in other cultures where Heaven is filled with servants that can bless the pure and curse the wicked. They have far more roles than that, so in today’s angel tattoos gallery we’ll talk all about them and what it means to have an angel tattoo.

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Angel Tattoos Meaning

The most obvious role of the angels is to serve their god. Their heavenly duties are obviously unknown to us, but I can talk about their interaction with the mortal world. They are invisible but serve as the will of god in everything they do. Jophiel is the angel who expelled Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, Raphael is the one who presses doctors forward and elicits miracle cures, Uriel leads mortals through life, Samael is responsible for plagues and destruction against sinners, and Sandalphon battles Samael to try to bring faith back to humanity. Outside of religious texts, a common idea is that angels are the ones who carry souls—especially the souls of children—to heaven. They are also believed to serve as guardian angel, with one designated for each human from the day they are born until the day they die.

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If we put aside Abrahamic religions and Zoroastrianism for just one moment, we’ll find that even the Romans had their own types of guardian angels! While they treated gods as household protectors, the god Fortuna had a special place in their hearts. We know her as Lady Luck, but the Romans called her many names depending on what aspect they wanted protection from. Soldiers would pray for Fortuna Redux to bring them home safely, farmers would pray to Fortuna Annonaria for a good harvest, and prospective mothers would look to Fortuna Virilis. Each different name indicated a different guardian angel that would follow their devotee wherever they went…as long as they were pious.

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I could go on forever about all the different types of angels, but perhaps we can visit that some other time. For now, guardian angel tattoos are an excellent way of granting yourself further protection. Decorating your body in holy symbols is an excellent way to show devotion!

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Angel Wings Tattoo Design

Angel wing tattoos for women look awesome, mysterious, and sometimes seductive! They give the impression of a fallen angel—which begs the question of why they fell. We all know about the prideful fall of Lucifer when he became too full of himself, but there were also many other angels that fell after falling in love with humans and created the race of Nephilim. That being said, angel wing tattoos give off both a lustful, prideful, and devout impression all at once. In today’s day and age, all of those traits are quite desirable!

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Angel Tattoos in Memory of Loved Ones

When children die, their souls are taken to heaven in the arms of angels. The children themselves may become cherubs—adorable little angels that are known for their love, empathy, and mischief. They are able to act out their childhood as an angel in heaven or on earth. They may even stick around as a guardian angel to those they held dear! For adults, it is their guardian angel that carries them to heaven. It is not thought that adults become angels, but they certainly have their guardian angels.

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Getting an angel tattoo in memory of loved ones is a way to acknowledge both their passing and their peaceful rest. There are many things in life that we can’t control, but what happens to the souls of the departed is a certainty. They are carried by angels to a better place. Angel tattoo designs can have an image of the departed with wings and a halo, or it can be the general design of an angel that is carrying a soul to heaven. A scroll with their name can accompany the tattoo, showing that their names are in the book to heaven. When Saint Peter encounters their soul, they will already have their name written in his book and he can show them to their home in heaven.

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