Angel Wings Tattoo

Angel Wings Tattoo

The beautiful white-feathered wings of angels inspire strength and courage in us all. These holy servants of heaven deliver messages from God, protection from above, prophesies, comfort, and much more, depending on your personal faith, of course. Angels appear in many religions throughout the world, but the role they play varies on the individual level. In any case, the holy and spiritual role that angels play in our lives is undeniable. Our Angel Wings Tattoo gallery will talk all about the meaning and art behind these majestic designs—and perhaps some of them will inspire you to get one! Grab some tattoo ointment, because after all this inspiration, I’m sure you’ll find yourself in a tattoo studio in no time.

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Angel Wings Tattoo Meaning

There are several different types of angels that appear in lore and legend. Most memorable of them all, the guardian angel of Christians and Catholics hover near their designated soul, keeping them safe, until it’s time to escort them to heaven. These angels may have other duties, or they may be a simple onlooker in the lives of their companions. Either way, their beautiful wings protect you from evil or harm, just like lidocaine cream protects you from pain during your tattoo sessions. Guardian angel tattoos are tattoos with deep meaning, and a pair of angel wings may offer just the protection you need.

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Angel wings also mean purity, faith, and innocence—no religious stuff attached. Getting a pair on your back tells others that you value these traits, and try to exercise them in your daily life. Angel wings’ meaning can even change depending on the color of the feathers or style of the wings. If the feathers are black, it usually means that their wearer has an ‘opposite’ side to them. They have seen something terrible, tragic, or they have had something tempt them in their lifetimes. Blood on the feathers usually means a betrayal or a huge turn in their life that caused them to fall off their path. With a little bit of numbing cream, their depiction of this life-changing event won’t bring them more pain than it needs to.

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Black feathers are also a symbol of pride in traits considered ‘negative.’ In example, someone who is proud, bold, sensual, and has a dark sense of humor might want black feathers more than  white feathers. After all, they don’t fit in with the normal concept of ‘pure.’ That doesn’t make black angel wings evil or anything—their wearers simply have lots of self-confidence and aren’t afraid to show it! If you are an artist, I recommend using a tattoo bed over a tattoo chair so that you can better see your client’s back during the tattoo session.

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Angel Wings Tattoo on Back

Angel wings invoke spirituality in all who see them. Their beauty and grace are perfect for large areas of skin, and especially the back. Just like an angel, you can get a tattoo of wings sprouting from your back! Small wings indicate humility and dedication, while large wings represent spirituality and creed. An angel wings tattoo on the chest might appear just as large, but showing them off proves more difficult. Large feathers that stretch onto the arms also look awesome as you move them, seemingly ‘opening’ the wings.

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Small Angel Wings Tattoo

Small angel wing tattoos for women don’t have to go on the back. You can ink them anywhere, from the ribs, to the stomach, to your ankles and wrists! On top of that, angel wings don’t have to stand on their own. You can add angel wings to other symbols to give them an enlightened meaning. Wings on a cross indicate a devout belief in God, while wings attached to other things show freedom and inventiveness.

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