Ankle Tattoos – 15 Sensational Designs for Everyone

Looking for a small tattoo that is more permanent and customizable than temporary ones and works as an excellent fashion accessory? Look no further than ankle tattoos. They are small and easily hidden if you need to enter a business-like atmosphere, and at the same time easy to show off with low socks and khakis! The small designs can say a tremendous amount and change your first impressions for the better. You need to select the tattoos carefully so that they do not come off as kitschy and instead shine with your personality. If you’re particularly sensitive–which happens to a lot of people in the bony ankle area–then look into tattoo numbing cream. Today, let’s look at the ankle tattoo designs gallery and gather some designs to inspire you!

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Pain of Ankle Tattoos

Do ankle designs hurt? The ankle tattoo pain level ranks high up there. However, there are many people who walk away from the tattoo feeling just a little stinging. What’s with the discrepancy? The amount of pain someone feels depends on a combination of genetics and wellbeing. Use vitamins C, E, and A to give your immune system and skin health a boost. This will help with the recovery and some of the pain. And, of course, the best way to deal with pain is to use lidocaine cream before the tattoo session.

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Ankle designs rest directly on top of skin and bone. No cartilage or muscle shields your ankle bone from the pain, so everyone will feel a sting. Ask your artist about using an anesthetic cream to reduce pain and ease your state of mind. Tattoo designs on top of tendons remain sore for weeks, so also check up on our aftercare articles to ensure a fast recovery! It’s absolutely essential to use the best lotion for tattoos during your healing process, since you undoubtedly use your ankles every day of your life.

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Ideas for Ankle Tattoos

Dreamcatchers keep you from carrying around bad vibes. They capture the good thoughts and let the bad ones slip through the hole in their center. Some other tellings switch which sort of thoughts get caught, but ultimately dreamcatcher tattoos are positive things to have around, and fit perfectly on your ankle! Pretty owl tattoos grab the eyes of anyone who sees them. Their large eyes, patterned plumage, and circular shape naturally make them good tattoos.

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No one can resist the cute aura they give off! If you want something a little more personal, a small angel represents the soul of someone dear to you or your own devotion. Ankle tattoo names and quotes in the same way, showing a personal side of you to others. Small tattoos for women work perfectly in the ankle area. Hearts, flowers, bracelets, and more can make this area shine. If you are an artist, use a tattoo chair that has adjustable legs or a tattoo table so that you can easily and comfortably reach your client’s ankles as you tattoo.

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When picking a design, decide whether it represents you as a person. Something that shows your personality, morals, history, and style all work well. Can you promise your tattoo will have the same meaning for years to come? Even in worst case scenarios? It’s all up to you to decide the symbol you want to represent you permanently!

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Ankle Bracelet Tattoos

Speaking of ankle bracelet tattoos, they have many different styles. Bracelet tattoos for guys focus on angular shapes or solid lines, while feminine tattoos show off curves or waves. Of course, labels like feminine and masculine don’t need to be gender exclusive. Feel free to go with a design that shows off the real you! Flowers wrap around the ankle for an amazing tropical look. After years of knowing you, ankle bracelet quotes can surprise your friends and show them a different side of you that they didn’t know before.

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Ankle Tattoos for Men

Caught up on getting something more masculine? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Simple tattoo ideas work best in the ankle area. Arrows, anchors, birds, roses, skulls, and cute ladies make up the pantheon of Sailor Jerry tattoos. The American Navy loved Sailor Jerry’s tattoos, with many of them returning from Hawaii or the Philippines sporting his wonderful designs. Some sailors prefer tribal tattoos from Polynesia. Both styles represent hundreds of years of culture and history. Try looking it up yourself sometime!

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Ankle designs hurt a lot more than usual. They hide from prying eyes, and showing them off involves changing your style. Small designs suit them well. What sets the ankle apart from other tattoo areas? Why should you pick ankle tattoo designs over wrist tattoos or behind-the-ear tattoos? Simply put, the covert location makes them more intimate. People won’t see your ankle design first. When they notice the tattoo, it adds to your persona, instead of defining it. Ankle designs embellish your character and let you shine.

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