Aquarius Tattoos

Aquarius Tattoos

Since normal Aquarius symbols rank among the more simple zodiac signs, tattoo artists get creative when they ink Aquarius tattoos. Because most people aren’t into getting a muscled man pouring a vase of water tattooed on their arm, which is the true way to ink Aquarius, artists have to open their minds.

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With some cleverness, tattoo artists depict a woman pouring the vase instead, or they can opt to use just the symbol. For instance, just a pot pouring out water shows Aquarius. For today, let’s talk all about Aquarius tattoos, their meaning, the people that make Aquarians famous, and ways to make them unique.

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Aquarius Meaning

Historically, the name Aquarius refers to the young prince Ganymede, who riled up Zeus so much that the god stole him away. Quickly, Zeus flew down in eagle form to scoop him up to Mount Olympus. In exchange, he gave Ganymede’s father a herd of horses for his son’s work. Strangely, in ancient Greece and Rome, you could find plenty of relationships between older men and younger men. Because of this, the unions usually fell somewhere in between a romantic relationship and an internship. Pretty weird, don’t you think?

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Unfortunately, Ganymede just ended up a slave, ordered to eternally provide drinks and refreshments for Zeus. Frustrated, he dumped all of Zeus’s drinks to the ground, flooding the world. Because of this, Zeus realized his own greed and apologized by placing Ganymede into the sky. Now, we know him by the name Aquarius!

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Aquarius Personality

Like Ganymede, Aquarius personalities have a good sense of justice, hope, and resourcefulness. Truly, Aquarians live with stubbornness, rebel streaks, and sarcasm, just like their starry counterpart. Since they are fiercely independent, they rarely trust others. But, if you manage to impress them with your quick wits, they make the most loyal friends and lovers.

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Aquarius Tattoos for Men

Just like women, Aquarius men can enjoy a plethora of designs.  Consequently, you can choose between Aquarius tattoos depicting women—similar to the Sailor Jerry pin-up girls–or you can play it safe with a stylized Aquarius symbol. If you think yourself confident, go ahead and choose a tattoo of Ganymede himself pouring out the waters.

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Whether you are a fan of the myth, a fan of the constellation, or a fan of the zodiac sign, Aquarius tattoos are a good way to show your independence to those around you. Like a raging river in the Spring, you flow where you want and no one can contain you. In case you crave more Zodiac tattoos, check out all the other Zodiac Tattoo articles! On the other hand, if you want a short overview, the top of the list contains meanings and designs for everyone. For more Zodiac Tattoos, check out our Zodiac Tattoos article.





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