Simple Arm Tattoos

A small wrist tattoo or ankle tattoo brings you into the tattoo world, but after you enter this realm of art, upgrading to a full-fledged sleeve looks appealing. And you know what? It’s totally worth it. Today, let’s talk about the awesome world of simple arm tattoos! The long and curved surface of arms poses a unique challenge of creativity to designers and artists. A sleeve needs to look good from every angle, after all! On top of that, you personally need to work around the pain associated with arm designs. Armpits and the pit of your elbow feel absolutely horrible to tattoo (Read: Best Tattoo Numbing Product). This article details some ways around that while offering some creative and unique design tips!

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Simple Arm Tattoos

Small arm tattoos fit on the wrist, but you can easily extend them to half sleeves or full sleeves. Even for arm name tattoos, working to fit your old tattoos into the larger arm designs creates a fun challenge for your artist. Simple arm tattoos include Celtic tribal tattoos, Polynesian tattoos, symbols that represent your religion or creed, and quotes that you adore. Polynesian tattoos in particular use a special technique for their arm designs. For men, half sleeves show strength, respect, and maturity. The tribal markings carry deep meaning, and your artist selects ones that most match your personality. Whether you pick right or left arm tattoos, even simple designs show your dedication to the craft.

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Sleeve Tattoos

As previously mentioned, artists need to create sleeve designs that look good from all angles. Experts utilize the curved space to create three dimensional images. Other curved objects, such as skulls, blooming roses, and spheres. Geometrical designs also look great, even if the design looks ‘flat.’ The curve simply adds depth to the design! Including three dimensional shading on top of that creates a picture that pops. Murals work perfectly for large sleeves, although remain wary of the painful areas. Many people stop with their sleeve halfway because of the pain. To mitigate this, consider asking your artist about numbing creams.

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Best Arm Tattoos Ever

So, want the best arm tattoos ever? Simple arm tattoos for girls include flowers often, and for good reason! Flowers symbolize many different things, including beauty, love, and death. Religious symbols like crosses, angels, saints, and gods represent your inner self and certainly rank among the best tattoos. Traditional designs like Japanese tattoos and Polynesian tattoos hold deep significance to those who recognize the symbols. Lastly—and my personal favorite—colorful murals that wrap around the arm and display awesome scenes or characters look spectacular!

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Simple Arm Tattoos and You

In the end, arm designs provide a very visible way to express yourself. Whether you choose minimalist geometric designs, large black and white religious icons, or colorful wrap-around sleeves, all of them come to represent you. When people look to recognize you, they look for your tattoo in the crowd. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the foray of simple arm tattoos and enjoy the wicked designs!

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