Armband Tattoo

Armband tattoos, armlet tattoos, and bracelet tattoos serve to immortalize something we would wear on us all the time. On top of that, armband tattoos take on more creative shapes and forms than a designer could ever hope to work with. Your tattoo never falls off, gets lost, breaks, or wears down. If you read our Resources page, you know just how permanent you can make a tattoo. For millennia, people used—and continue to use—bracelets to serve their spiritual or personal needs. Jewelry with different figures, material, and colors all imparted different meanings. When those forms of communication transfer over into ink, the amount of meaning combinations grows exponentially! Today, let’s look at the meaning behind some common armband tattoos. Along with that, check out this sweet gallery of the most amazing armband tattoos!

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Armband Tattoo Meaning

Hawaiian tribal armband tattoos and Celtic knot armband tattoos make up the majority of these art pieces. Many people tell you that they vaguely mean strength or luck, but the meaning goes much deeper than that. Usually, the symbols and designs contained in a tattoo show you the direct purpose behind it. Polynesian tribal armband tattoos, for example, contain triangles that represent various fish teeth. The type of fish changes the meaning from strength, to wealth, to protection, and so on.


Celtic Knot Armband Tattoos

The unending lines of Celtic knotwork represent the eternal flow of time. If you start at one part of the knot and keep going, you never reach a proper end. Similarly, the moon’s phases ebb and flow, but return to their other phases eventually. People live, and people die, but the world continues on in one long cord of time.

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Hawaiian Armband Tattoos

True Hawaiian tattoos can depict a figure, sure, but the pieces that make up the whole contain much more meaning. Many people dismiss the vague triangles and lines of a traditional Hawaiian armband as bland and stereotypical, but each one shows someone’s individual attributes. Artists include common symbols like tiki faces, lizards, fish teeth, spearheads, waves, turtles, and more to create a custom tattoo for each person they meet.


Simple Armband Tattoos

Of course, the significance of your tattoo need not come from ancient symbols. Your tattoo represents who you are on a personal level. Forearm band tattoos for guys and girls both show off the intimate side of their wearer. On top of that, armband tattoos sometimes extend much farther and in more creative shapes than their physical counterparts. As a result, mountain ridges, foggy forests, and even simple floral patterns make great armband tattoos.

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No matter what sort of design you choose for yourself, use this band as a reminder of who you really are. Its placement on your arm keeps your tattoo in—well—arm’s reach. In other words, looking at it during your normal activities proves easy. As you go through your day, give it a glimpse or a light touch and think of the story behind it. Think about what this tattoo says about you, and if you live up to those expectations or by that creed. If nothing else, checking out a little bit of art helps you go through the day stronger and better than before!


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