Behind the Ear Tattoos

Behind the Ear Tattoos

Behind the ear tattoos are a good way of discreetly showing off your personality. If you feel like showing it off, you can put up your hair; If you just want to chill for the day, you can leave your hair down. Even men who get behind-the-ear tattoos can hide it with a hat, if they so please. It only takes a little bit of tattoo lotion to ensure they heal nicely. But the best part about behind-the-ear tattoos is not how easily you can hide them, but how easily they can complement your appearance.

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A History of Fashion

In general, it’s always been fashionable to place something in the crook of your ear. Whether you want to display a feather for its beauty or a ballpoint pen to look diligent, the ear holds quite a lot of stuff. Without the ear, hats and headbands would lose a lot of their charm (not to mention, your hearing might take a hit). Not only that, but behind your ear displays jewelry very well, and it remains a popular spot for multiple piercings and gauges. You probably already have some lidocaine cream leftover for the tattoo if you’re a piercing lover.

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Why Behind the Ear Tattoos?

When considering a behind-the-ear tattoo, you need to take into account what sort of things you want to wear or display in the area. If you frequently wear large earrings, you need a higher tattoo. If you always wear hats, you want a lower tattoo. You also want it beneath your hairline, so your hairstyle plays a big role in this. The happy medium seems to be just that—placed behind the ear by one to two inches, directly behind it. This makes the tattoo invisible to people facing you directly, but obvious from every other angle, and you can easily apply numbing lotion to the area before the tattoo.

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Behind the Ear Tattoo Designs

If you need ideas for behind the ear tattoos, look no further. Get inspired by these awesome designs and themes!

behind ear tattoo spider

Spider Tattoos

We can all agree that the scariest thing on earth is a spider carrying dozens of its children on its back. The spider represents feminine power, motherly love, and that creepy crawly feeling you get when nervous. You know right away when people see this tattoo—they quickly shout that a spider crawled onto your head! Make sure you find an artist with comfortable tattoo chairs or tattoo beds so that they can ink this piece without a hitch!

behind ear tattoos

Honey Bee Tattoos

The honey bee works diligently and represents cooperation and understanding. One of the best natural traits of honey bees rests in their ability to communicate through dance. Despite being an insect, they’re covered in fur and absolutely adorable. Who could hate something that lives off of flower dust, anyways? Besides people cursed with allergies? Many different species of bee grace the planet—and they vary widely in color. I personally prefer the look of Australia’s Blue Banded bees.

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Peacock Tattoos

Beautiful and prideful, the peacock loves to show off its tail feathers just like you love to show off your tattoo. Putting aside the aggressive nature of the birds themselves, peacocks represent both beauty and faithfulness.

behind ear tattoosbehind ear tattoosbehind ear tattoos

Jewelry Tattoos

If you’re a huge jewelry buff, it only makes sense that you would want to display jewelry permanently! Whether it imitates earrings or jewels, this is a natural spot to ink some unnatural items.

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As always, there are lots of other beautiful designs in our signature like the Roman Numeral Tattoos, Under Boob and White Ink Tattoos Galleries. Thanks for reading!



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