Best Numbing Cream for Waxing & Laser Hair Removal

When you think about the waxing process, you think about pain. This also goes hand in hand with hair removal, waxing, tattoo removal, sunburns, and so on. They all just go hand in hand with pain…right? Well, today I talk about how to deal with that pain and choose the best numbing cream and spray for your situation. While many consider the pain of waxing a rite of passage, the truth remains that certain populations exhibit more sensitivity to pain. Rather than a lack of pain tolerance, certain genetic conditions predispose people to sensitivity. Just thinking of going under a needle for tattoos or getting that laser hair removal done makes some people cringe in anticipation. Thankfully, advances in technology relieve a lot of their fears. Just like tattoo machines revolutionized the inked world and waxing revolutionized the taming of our wild side, numbing products make the process more accessible!

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Lidocaine Blue Gel Topical Anesthetic CreamLidocaine Gel
Ebanel 5% Lidocaine Topical Numbing CreamLidocaine Gel
Hush Anesthetic Numbing GelLidocaine Gel
Dr. Numb Topical Anesthetic Lidocaine 5%Lidocaine Gel
Uber Numb 5% Lidocaine Lidocaine Gel


The best skin numbing creams and sprays both prevent you from feeling excess pain and help your waxer along (or whomever is helping you out with your procedure of choice). Let’s learn what makes numbing creams work, how to use them for various purposes (more than just tattoos), and what to look for while shopping. The advantages of numbing cream outweigh going without, even for people with high pain tolerance! Naturally, ask your artist or doctor about the best ways to use these. Many artists and waxers only accept numbing creams due to their utility and efficacy. A doctor (which I am not) will tell you about any medical properties that I miss in this article.

If you only want to know about sprays, then this page works best for you. For general aftercare advice, we provide a full tattoo aftercare guide with this article.


From Tattoos to Waxing

Before we begin, I want to make a small note on why I wrote these reviews and explain the function of numbing cream in this article. Body modification comes in many forms. For tattoo lovers, it means covering your living canvas with art from head to toe. For many others, it means keeping their hair tame. In fact, I’d estimate that most ladies out there get waxing done at least once in their life. The number of women who regularly wax vastly outnumbers the people who go under the needle for a tattoo.

So, why am I writing about waxing cream when this site focuses on tattoos? Simply put, I want to help out everyone who goes through body modification, including this more common type. When you repeatedly wax an area, it may end up painful in the long run. Some people build up a tolerance over time, but many others are left dreading the moment the hair comes off. Numbing cream solves that while also putting their mind at ease. The process becomes painless and you only look forward to getting that hair removed!

This also applies to laser hair removal. Just like laser tattoo removal, laser hair removal uses specialized light to raze off hair follicles. It penetrates deeper than a wax or shave does. At the same time, it leaves a lingering sting. Tattoo removal feels like a sun burn once the process is over. Laser tattoo removal is less intrusive, but the pain lasts for a bit anyways. Numbing cream works for all types of body modification—including Brazilian waxing and laser hair removal—so I am going to focus on keeping your mind sane as you tame your hair.


The 5 Best Numbing Cream for Waxing & Laser Hair Removal

Given our experience in the tattoo business, we conducted a complete market screening and found the very best numbing products for you. Without further ado, here are the 5 best numbing creams for waxing and hair removal.


Lidocaine Blue Gel Topical Anesthetic Cream

While this blue gel anesthetic bottle looks unassuming, it contains the real stuff. If you’re searching for numbing cream for waxing, this bottle should be your first stop. Not only is it affordable, but it also packs a punch. Any type of waxing or hair removal feels painless with this product. On top of that, you never smell the gel while applying or after the waxing process. Their scentless, painless formula is the best numbing cream for hair removal, hands down.

You apply Blue Gel in two different ways. For the first method, spread the numbing cream before waxing or hair removal in your desired area. Cover it in plastic wrap until it’s time to do the deed. This allows it time to soak in. Since lidocaine needs contact with the nerves to work, soaking for a while is the only way to apply it ahead of time. It works much faster if you apply the waxing numbing cream after the waxing is done. It uses 5% lidocaine—the maximum allowed on the consumer market—to soothe your pain in an instant.



Ebanel 5% Lidocaine Topical Numbing Cream

Numb 520 offers a large amount of relief thanks to its 5% lidocaine content. As you already know, lidocaine directly relieves pain from the skin when applied by dulling your nerves. Designed for the most sensitive areas of your body, it works on all kinds of ailments—including body modification! Your Brazilian wax and laser hair removal go by in a flash with this pain reliever. It also helps with the post-tattoo itch!

It only takes 20 minutes to kick in, and once the pain relief begins, it lasts for ages. It feels completely numb for 1-2 hours. A residual pain relief that takes off the edge of your waxing pain stays for up to five hours. That’s not bad for a bit of cream at an affordable price! Let it soak in before your waxing or laser hair removal. Once your skin feels silky smooth, apply smaller amounts. The cream becomes more effective when your skin is sensitive and the hair follicles are clear. After your bikini wax is done, you can save the extra for next time or dermal rolling, if you’re into that.




Hush Anesthetic Numbing Gel

Hush anesthetic is well known in the tattoo world, but it works just as well in the world of waxing and laser hair removal! This product formula contains ‘soft’ ingredients, since it was designed not to harm tattoo ink. That stuff is more fragile than you’d think! Because of these ingredients, your skin will not only feel numb after application, but it will also bounce back from the sting of removal way faster than usual! It encourages swift healing for wounds of all types. Brazilian waxing isn’t your traditional ‘wound,’ but your skin will thank you for this.

When numbing for waxing, wipe the area clean and apply a thin layer of hush anesthetic. Cover it with plastic to let it soak in, then wash it off after half an hour has passed. Once you go through your waxing or laser hair removal surgery, you can slather on some more numbing cream to greater effect and keep it there until it wears off—a whopping four hours! This brand is highly trusted among tattoo artists thanks to its unique formula, minimal interactions with other products, and efficacy. If you want something tried and true in the world of pain relief, then use this as your numbing cream for laser hair removal.



Dr. Numb Topical Anesthetic Lidocaine 5%

Dr. Numb contains 5% lidocaine—the maximum permitted for over-the-counter laser hair removal cream. It covers all kinds of maladies, from small scratches, to burning, and even to tattoo healing—but today we’re only evaluating its hair removal potential. To start with, let me say that this over-the-counter cream serves as the best numbing cream for laser hair removal.

Because of its non-greasy formula, application is a cinch. Cleaning it off goes by just as easily. Along with the lidocaine, it has several other ingredients to speed up the absorption process. It uses water and hypoallergenic solutions to care for the skin of even the most sensitive people. The formula is so effective and safe that some people are comfortable using it on their eyelids. Because of that, I’d like to issue a big warning not to put chemicals close to your eyes. It’s just a common sense precaution. As for everywhere else, including the wild jungle growing you-know-where? It works just fine.


Uber Numb 5% Lidocaine

Like a few others on this list, Uber Numb contains 5% lidocaine. This means it contains the absolute maximum amount of numbing ingredients allowed by the FDA in over-the-counter products. What separates this from other products is its efficacy. The effect of this hair removal numbing cream seems small when you notice its 1 hour duration…up until you realize what a punch it packs. The high standards of the people that made this cream keep them from saying it lasts for five hours or so. The one hour that they’re talking about is pure, painless bliss in the targeted area. The sensation of pain is still dulled for some time after that, with some lucky people reporting that the sting stayed away for a full 24 hours.

Anyways, this whole setup makes this the best numbing cream for small areas. You don’t need it to last forever when you’re waxing—the initial pain is swift, and the lingering sting can be addressed with more cream quickly and easily. If you want something for laser hair removal, this cream is your jam. It’s water-based, contains vitamin E, and has a formula focused on reducing swelling, moisturizing, and maximizing the immediate effect of the numbing. As a result, the only proof of applying it after the effect wears off is a silky smooth area of skin.

A little bit of this goes a long way, and combined with the price, this is one of the best investments you can make. This is doubly so if you find yourself waxing or removing your hair often. Just keep in mind that using numbing cream for facial hair removal means you need to go to extra lengths to keep it out of your mouth and eyes. This is not meant for internal use.



Do You Need Numbing Cream?

First, let’s take a look at skin numbing cream and how it applies to you. Doctors, beauticians, tattoo artists, waxers, and many more disciplines use skin numbing cream to temporarily dull the sensation of your skin. The relief lasts between thirty minutes to five hours, depending on application method and quality of the cream. It’s safe enough that many varieties are available over-the-counter and from sites like Amazon. I focus only on these over-the-counter varieties due to their availability and good reputation.

As someone interested in caring for your own body—including the whole hair removal bit—numbing cream provides a way for you to minimize pain. For people with a low pain tolerance, that means you can finally get that Brazilian wax! For people with good pain tolerance, the numbing cream makes long sessions easier. Numbing creams also provide a practical use beyond just pain relief, but we’ll get into that later. For a focused look at numbing cream reviews for other uses, read our full article.


How Numbing Cream Works

The method of numbing depends on what ingredients the cream uses, so for now, I only focus on Lidocaine creams. Once applied to the skin, it soaks through the thin layer of dermis and blocks the nerve endings it touches. Because of this, any pain that these nerves experience never relays to the brain. As far as your brain knows, you only feel a little pressure in the area! Even that only occurs because the body senses pressure differently than it does pain. As for sensitive skin, look up the main ingredient of the cream, rather than the active ingredient. If petroleum jelly normally irritates your skin, look for a different version of the same ingredient—mineral oil. We talk more about the science of numbing cream on this page.

Since numbing cream only serves that purpose and the effect fades as soon as the cream washes away, doctors and artists consider numbing creams very safe. A few side-effects exist with improper care, though. First of all, using too much on a large part of your body—such as on your whole back—risks a nerve blockage far beneath your skin. Your nerves relay more information than pain, so that poses a moderately large risk. Similarly, applying Lidocaine to a deep and profusely bleeding wound may cause it to circulate to other parts of the body. Shallow wounds like tattoos, piercings, waxing, and other skin modifications pose no risk.


How to Use Numbing Cream

Obviously, following the directions of your numbing cream yields the best results. However, many of them fail to mention some tips and tricks that help during beauty routines. For waxing, apply it ahead of time—whatever the brand recommends. Then, seal it up in saran wrap. This prevents the cream from evaporating and prolongs its effect. You can easily remove the wrap and rinse off the skin before your waxing session, or you could slowly peel it off during a laser hair removal session to ensure the absolute maximum effect!


Numbing Cream in a Hospital

In a medical environment, numbing cream relieves the sensation of inserting an IV. During small skin surgeries, it saves the patient a lot of stress. Use it before incising or draining a skin cyst or abscess to reduce discomfort. Removing sensitive parts of the skin such as skin tags, warts, moles, and strange growths all benefit from the use of numbing cream. It helps absolve the patient of that invasive feeling that occurs with any surgery. Apply a thin layer to the affected area and wipe it away after thirty minutes or so. Usually, your surgeon will help you with application, but doing it at home proves cheaper if you live in America. Always tell your doctor when you use a product on an area they are working with.


Numbing Cream for Beauty

For general beauty applications, any painful procedure benefits from the use of numbing cream. Abrasion therapy and dermatherapy both create small pinpricks in your skin. Since the skin breaks and it feels sort of uncomfortable, the numbing cream works wonders. It also helps in the event of a sunburn—even moreso than aloe vera! Perhaps its most useful application involves waxing. Apply it ahead of time, wash it off just before your waxer begins, and enjoy a pain-free hair removal session! I talk more about using it for waxing below.


Special Numbing Cream Instructions

In all situations, ensure that your artist, waxer, surgeon, doctor, or beautician knows that you used numbing cream. They sometimes gauge their efficacy based on client reactions. In example, waxers adjust their technique depending on their clients’ pain tolerance. If they know you withstand anything they throw at you, then your session goes by much faster! A doctor may also give you precise directions on how to use your numbing cream.


Best Numbing Cream for Brazilian Waxing

The best numbing cream for waxing contains a high amount of active ingredients (usually a dose of lidocaine) and lasts for a significant amount of time. For large waxing areas, you want one that lasts at least three hours. The majority of over-the-counter numbing creams last for about that long, but you can prolong the effects by using the techniques I mentioned in the usage section.

To ensure that it lasts for the duration of your stinging pain, check how long it takes for it to work. Some require thirty minutes to truly dull your nerves, while others only need minutes. Even in the event that your numbing cream ‘wears off,’ your nerves still remain dull for several more hours. At worst, the end result is an uncomfortable pressure feeling at the end of your numbing session.

Furthermore, numbing creams contain one more advantage for beauty techniques like tattoo art and waxing. If you are calm during a procedure, it helps them to relax as well. With both of you relaxed, the procedure flies by, and the only thing you have to show for it is your smooth skin. When searching for the best numbing cream for Brazilian waxing, keep your hands in mind. Any hands that touch the numbing cream may end up numb themselves. If you need those hands to be fully coordinated, wear gloves as you apply! Using thicker layers helps the body absorb the cream well and last longer, but it still has to be removed at the same time as a thin layer in order to work. For the best numbing cream for Brazilian Waxing, go with our recommendation below:


Best Numbing Cream for Laser Hair Removal

Now that we know all about numbing cream, let’s talk about the specific advantages of each over-the-counter brand. I compare the price, efficacy, duration, production method, and reputation to give you the most balanced numbing cream reviews available. On top of that, each product here is FDA compliant, which means they follow all safety protocols. You can use them for your waxing or laser hair removals without worrying about side-effects. At the same time, make sure to do a spot test of any products you use. You never know if you’re allergic to something! Use this list of reviews to choose which one suits you best! For the best numbing cream for hair removal, go with our recommendation below:


Last Word on Topical Numbing Cream

Ultimately, the case for numbing cream contains dozens of reasons to use it. Brazilian wax numbing cream works excellently, and any extra you have after the process can be used for minor injuries or sunburns. As always, ask your beautician and doctor about whether it’s right for you and spot test the cream on a small area ahead of time. This avoids complications, allergic reactions, and bad side effects! Along with that, follow all other instructions provided with the cream. Numbing cream opens up the door to a wide range of body modification. The dread of pain no longer hangs over you when you feel that stubble or see that forest sprouting up. As long as you have numbing cream, hair removal is just another walk in the park.

From waxing to tattoos, permanent makeup to piercings, and laser hair removal to surgery, topical numbing cream offers a huge amount of uses. If you wanted to go through any of these procedures but abstained due to the threat of pain, then give this stuff a try. All of them work, plus, it helps you take control of your body and use it the way you want! Enjoy!


As always, thanks for reading!



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