Best Piercing Aftercare Product 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

We have covered the ins and outs of tattoo aftercare products, but you might find yourself wondering what to use to clean piercings. Since we want to take care of anyone starting their foray into the body art world, we decided to focus on the best piercing aftercare products available to you. Body piercing is an amazing form of art, with all kinds of options and variations to make them match your personality. Taking care of your piercing is crucial to ensuring that it doesn’t get infected or migrate into an unwanted angle or location. It is best to prepare for piercing aftercare before you get the piercing itself, but if you begin treatment late, it is better than never treating at all.


Don’t have time to read the full article? Here is our best piercing aftercare product pick!


H2Ocean 4oz Piercing Aftercare Spray

The Best Piercing Aftercare Product 2018

H2Ocean Piercing
Aftercare Spray
Dr. Piercing’s AftercareSoaked swabs
Gauge Gear Premium
Stretched Ear Care Kit
Complete Care Kit
NeilMed NeilCleanse Piercing
Aftercare Fine Mist Spray
NeilMed NeilCleanse
Piercing Aftercare Full Stream
Piercing Care Healing
Sea Salts & Botanicals
Sea salt "Lotion"
Piercing Solution Sea Salt ~
Tea Tree Aftercare
Provon Medicated Lotion
Soap with Chloroxylenol
Lotion Soap


Cartilage Piercing Aftercare

Taking care of your piercing after you get it is crucial to being responsible with your body. Piercings are very safe on their own, but during the healing process, they can become infected if you don’t care for them. You could try a sea salt soak recipe, but products and medications are always superior to home remedies. On top of that, piercing aftercare products are quite affordable. Daith piercing aftercare, helix piercing aftercare, and ear piercing aftercare instructions are all very similar. You simply avoid bumping it and use a liquid product to keep the area free of bacteria. With lip piercing care, this process is essential, since your mouth has a whole host of beneficial and not-so-beneficial bacteria that can wreak havoc on piercings that are poorly cared for. Nose piercing cleaning products are also a good idea—making sure the area is clean will help prevent you from smelling the nasty healing site all the time (and trust me, they will smell weird even if it’s not infected).

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piercing aftercare

Piercing Infections

There are certain conditions that you will want a doctor instead of an aftercare product. This happens when you have an allergic reaction to the jewelry or you allow it to become infected. Aftercare products will always prevent infection, so if you have no symptoms or if you recently acquired your piercing, you should definitely begin treatment until the piercing heals. Signs of infection include: puffy area, green or white discharge, soreness, warmth around the area, pain, a low fever with no other cause, swelling, red streaks running away from the piercing site, or feelings of nausea. A lot of those symptoms are common for the first three days of healing, but if they persist after that, you should definitely run to see a doctor. If the skin seems to be expanding around the area, it is almost certainly an allergic reaction.

You’ll notice that everything on this list is a spray or liquid, and that’s because antibacterial creams work fine for a day and then form a barrier in your piercing that allows bacteria to flourish when it loses its efficacy. In other words, creams are fine for open wounds, but dangerous for piercings.

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H2Ocean Piercing Aftercare Spray

H2Ocean is one of the biggest brands in body modification aftercare and upkeep, and their piercing aftercare spray does not fail to disappoint. This product will last for about a month, which is about the amount of time it takes for the ear to build up a barrier against infection. This spray contains sea salt, which has more than 60 trace elements that can be used to heal your skin and help regenerate the area. It is not a total disinfectant, but it does a good job of wiping out the bad bacteria and leaving your good bacteria (the type that keeps your skin healthy) alone. In fact, this product is so good for your skin that it accelerates the healing process! It also tastes better than a lot of products here, so you can use it for tongue piercings or lip piercings without a problem.

Dr. Piercing’s Aftercare

This product saves you the trouble of getting spray everywhere as you try to apply the disinfectant. It comes with a month’s worth of swabs that are soaked in a solution made specifically for preventing infections at piercing sites of all kinds. It can be used on cartilage piercings, surface piercings, and even tongue piercings. It doesn’t taste particularly good, though. Because of their compact nature, you can take them on trips or in the bathroom at work if you left in a hurry. They do have an expiration date of one or two years—more than enough time for your piercing to heal!


Gauge Gear Premium Stretched Ear Care Kit

This kit was made specifically for gauges, and although it is marketed as being for ears, you can also use it on other gauge locations. Unfortunately, this does not come with a piercing aftercare instruction sheet, but you should know enough from the rest of the article to figure it out! The saline spray should be used first, ensuring that it can reach deep into the piercing site. The daily oil skin conditioning mix can be used on the outside of your piercing anywhere the skin is stretching to keep it nice and hydrated and soothe any irritation from the stretching process. Once your gauge is nice and healed, you can use the premium stretching balm to keep the area healthy and springy enough to stretch and hold gauges without too much fuss.


NeilMed NeilCleanse Piercing Aftercare Fine Mist Spray

This product is isotonic, preservative free, drug free, and doesn’t harm or sting your skin. ‘Wait a second,’ you might think, ‘If it’s drug-free, how does it work?’ Well, it really depends on your definition of drug. This is a sterile saline solution, which means it is impossible for bacteria to proliferate inside of it, and it can be used both for surface piercings and cartilage piercings.


NeilMed NeilCleanse Piercing Aftercare Full Stream

This is essentially the same product as the one listed above, but instead of spraying it as a mist, it pours as a steady stream. This is awesome for deep piercings like surface piercings, but might be overkill for anything else. Since this is essentially a saline solution, you can even use it on cuts, scrapes, or other wounds to prevent infection


Piercing Care Healing Sea Salts & Botanicals

This medicated sea salt is full of vitamins, minerals, and other compounds to help speed up the healing of your skin. It contains aloe vera to soothe any pain and vitamin E to boost your immune system and recovery speed. Tea tree oil helps keep the area moisturized as well. The salt used is none other than a Dead Sea salt, which contains even more minerals than regular sea salt on account of sitting around for ages. You only need one fourth of a teaspoon to treat an area, so this will last for quite a while.


Piercing Solution Sea Salt ~ Tea Tree Aftercare

This solution contains roughly the same ingredients as above, but this one is meant to be applied to a cotton ball rather than applied directly. You pour the solution into the cotton ball, hold it to the pierced site for about five minutes twice per day, and stop when your piercing site is fully healed. If you feel like the cotton ball is starting to get dry, simply apply the solution to it again and resume.


Provon Medicated Lotion Soap with Chloroxylenol

This antimicrobial soap is the thickest type of product on the list. It kills off germs and it’s recommended by the Association of Professional Piercers. You should dilute it before applying it to ensure that it reaches the deepest part of your piercings. It should also be used to keep your hands clean during the healing process, since your hands are the most likely location with bad germs to come in contact with your piercing site. This soap is also the most pleasant-smelling on the list, so it’s well suited to nose piercings. Those with sensitive to perfumes and other strong scents…will probably be just fine using this lotion! I imagine they pick their ingredients more carefully than regular hand soaps, since this soap is meant to heal, and that may be the reason that sensitive noses do fine with it.


And there you have it! All kinds of piercing aftercare products to help you prevent infection or obnoxious smells. Once again, if you believe you have an infection or an allergic reaction going on, visit a doctor! Piercing after products are incredibly different than tattoo aftercare products, mainly because they are used to treat different kinds of wounds. With piercing products, liquid solution is a must to prevent cream buildup in the enclosed piercing site. Using these aftercare sprays and liquids are a sure way to prevent infection and go a long way towards your own peace of mind.

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