Biomechanical Tattoos – 45 Awesome Designs

Biomechanical Tattoos – 45 Awesome Designs

Biomechanical tattoos are awesome, as long as you have no qualms about the inner workings of the body. Simply put, there’s no better way to phrase it. The incredible amount of detail put into these pieces makes them remarkable among tattoo designs. The different mechanical styles available to artists also makes them unique compared to one another. The majority of them use only black ink, giving them incredible contrast. A few will throw in a splash of color to make certain locations pop. In today’s article, we’re going to cover different styles of mech tattoos, and the quirks of their design.

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Android Tattoos

Let’s play around with words for a little bit. The English language is awesome and contains two different words for two different types of human-robot hybrids. The first, and most common in movies and media, is the android. An android is a robot that has disguised itself as a human, a la the Terminator. Android tattoos will have the skin peeled back to show all of the organs we are familiar with have been replaced by mechanical counterparts, so that we think they are a robot at their core.

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Cyborg Tattoos

While androids start as robots, cyborgs are actual humans with robotic parts added to their bodies. Technically, anyone with a pacemaker is a cyborg. Like android tattoos, cyborg tattoos will have the skin peeled back to show off a strange interior. Unlike android tattoos, cyborg tattoos will still have some regular human elements. In this example, the human heart remains.

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Steampunk Tattoos

Besides the actual content, the type of mechanisms in a biomechanical tattoo truly define it. Many different machinery types grace the tattoo world, but we can recognize steampunk in an instant. Steampunk tattoos will have tanks of water and lots of gears and cogs, just like a steam engine would. If they are colored, the gears will be tinted gold more often than not, since gold and brass were in style back then, apparently.

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Motor Tattoos

Besides steampunk tattoos, motorized tattoos contain tons of gears. Full of pulleys, wires, and springs, each one serves a mechanical purpose. Oftentimes, the wires and gears will match the location of actual muscles. Therefore, the curvature of the arm and tendons lends credence to the tattoo, making it pop out more than usual.

Computer Tattoos

Twenty five years ago, a floppy disk tattoo might not be the most everlasting idea. On the other hand, the shape and style of computer motherboards remains constant, and it’s a safe bet that it will be at least another twenty years before this shape an pattern becomes obsolete. If you are a huge computer engineering buff, you might not think a tattoo was necessary—you’re obviously full of 0’s and 1’s already. But, if you want to make it official, getting a computer tattoo is an option.

Armor Tattoos

Anyways, some people forgo the robot bit entirely and stick with outside appearances. They ink plates of steel and metal on their skin, rather than show the inner workings of an engine. Armor tattoos still give off the impression of a biomechanical tattoo, but it also doubles as pseudo-clothing, and there’s no chance that it will gross out people with a weak stomach. Lastly, biomechanical tattoos enhance your body with art!

We have over 40 biomechanical tattoos in our design gallery for you to browse through and enjoy. If you liked this article, we have dozens of similar articles at . We also have historical articles, instructional articles, interviews, and more! As always, thanks for reading!




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