Black and Grey Tattoos – 20 Designs That Capture Our Emotions

Black and Grey Tattoos – 20 Designs That Capture Our Emotions

Throughout history, artists worked with black and grey tattoos to form everlasting images on the skin. Rather than stick with just black and white, artists added grey and made the image pop. However, in today’s world, hundreds of color inks exist for tattoos. We no longer watch black and white movies, so why do we still enjoy the beautiful world of black and grey tattoos? Today, let’s explore just how this form of art captures emotion like no other tattoo style. Browse through our gallery of black and grey tattoos and find something to inspire you!

Perfect Black Rose Tattoo!

Love Sugar Skull Tattoos!

Brilliant Concept!

Black and Grey Tattoos vs. Color Tattoos

With black and grey tattoos, artists use several methods to achieve the unique and realistic shading style. First, some artists mix black ink with water to create a very light grey tone. When the tattoo fades, the ink looks grey and blends well with the rest of the black ink. On the other hand, some artists use actual grey ink to shade their work, rather than blending black ink with water. Grey ink lasts longer than diluted black ink, in the long run, though only experts blend grey and black inks with ease.

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The Tattoo Healing Process

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With color inks, you need the exact color inks for your tattoo. The more colors you blend, the faster your tattoo fades, which is part of the reason watercolor tattoos fade so quickly. On top of that, you need several more colors to shade a colored tattoo. Black and grey ink shading looks bad on top of colors, compared to what color shading looks like. In the end, all this leads up to a smaller price tag and impressive realism for black and grey tattoos. More realism means more emotion, making black and grey tattoos a powerful medium.

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For your tattoo sleeve, try to pick subjects with high contrast. Black and grey skull tattoos work well because the bright white of the skull contrasts with the black ink. On the other hand, black rose tattoos work great because they contrast with every type of skin color. For portrait subjects—especially ladies—designs should take advantage of places where our skin shines. For example, use no black ink just above the eyebrows, close to the eyes, on the cheeks, and on the lips. This increases the contrast and creates an amazing design.

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Ultimately, black and grey ink tattoos master the monochrome image and create striking designs. Black and white tattoos for females and males beat out solid black tattoos because they add variation. While a solid black tattoo might show a vivid outline, black and grey ink tattoos breathe life into the line work. The shading draws your eyes straight into the tattoo design. As a tattoo designer or as someone who wears a tattoo like this, you understand the importance of depth in a tattoo. Tattoos give a message, and you want that message to come with a big impact. Use the intricate shading of black and grey tattoos to create a message remembered for all of time.




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