Black Rose Tattoo – 15 Tattoo Designs and Meanings

A black rose tattoo symbolizes many things. Hope, grief, rebellion, and death are just a few of its connotations. These black-and-white rose tattoo designs look spectacular on the skin, with the black ink standing in stark contrast to any skin color. Good artists can also create gradient shading and make the rose look realistic and 3D, all while using one type of ink! Lidocaine cream also helps them churn it out in one session for you. Check our Resources page for more tips. Black roses belong to tattoo tradition, with sailors from hundreds of years ago receiving these beautiful tattoos as a type of memorable souvenir.


In today’s black rose tattoo gallery, we’re going to talk all about the meaning of these flowers, the types of designs you can find, and the best locations to get them. Enjoy the black rose tattoo pictures and open your mind to a wealth of history!

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Black Rose Tattoo


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Black Rose Tattoo Meaning

What does a black rose mean? That depends entirely on the purpose given to it by its tattooer. Black and white rose tattoos were originally a symbol of pursuit. Since black roses are impossible in nature—the ones sold as black roses are either dyed or a dark purple—tattooing a black rose to yourself means you pursue the impossible. You hope for some kind of miracle, be it a reunion or love or journey. From here, black roses gained the meaning of grief. Black roses are placed at a funeral as a sign of hope for the departed, but their meaning to the living remains one of death and grief. With the huge amount of ink that your tattoo requires, consider looking into numbing cream for your tattoo.


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You can also interpret a black rose as the completion of a hope or miracle. Sailors will often return and get a black rose tattooed if they thought they were never going to come back home. As such, this brush with death or sense of hopelessness is immortalized in the black rose and wearing it gives a sense of triumph. A previously red rose tattoo can be stained black with ink if you feel that its meaning has changed for better or worse. Of course, if you want to quickly bounce back after your tattoo, look into aftercare tattoo ointment.


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Black Rose Tattoo Designs

Rosebuds represent the start of a rebellion or growth of character. Rosebud tattoos for women can be placed anywhere, since even life-sized tattoos are tiny. Small black rose tattoo designs can be placed on the wrist, behind the ear, on the ankle, behind the neck, and many other subtle tattoo locations. The best location for a rose tattoo is the sleeve. Rose sleeve tattoos for women and men can feature vines that wrap around. Pairing black roses with hearts, skulls, clocks, and crowns add an extra layer of meaning. Similarly, tattooing a quote next to it adds even further to the tattoo. If you are an artist, grab a tattoo chair or tattoo bed to ensure you give your client the best experience during their rose tattoo. Above all, it help you out!


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These historic and wonderful tattoos are a symbol of hope in the face of adversity. Black roses do not wither in the face of death or time. Plus, a black rose tattoo is a symbol that shows your hope for the departed, for love, and for luck. Think carefully about what sort of meaning your black rose tattoo will have. At the same time, remember that roses can have their meaning change over time. This is one tattoo that will change with you!

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