Breast Tattoos and Chest Tattoos – 40 Inspiring Designs

Men and women differ in many ways—anatomically, mentally, and emotionally. Without a doubt, one of the most notable physiological differences between the two sexes happens in the chest area. Thanks to our mammary glands, ladies count a little extra curves on their profile. Bold women and brave men often choose to get this notable body part tattooed, despite taboos! Breast and chest piece tattoos gain traction and popularity constantly. Tattoo lovers easily appreciate such an audacious move, so today, let’s check out some awesome breast tattoos!

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Chest Tattoo Placement

You can find breast tattoos in an insanely large array of designs. Even so, most artists take the size of the body into consideration during the design process. Women with large breasts might opt for larger pieces on the side, under, or above the breasts. On the other hand, women on the other end of the spectrum may choose daintier, smaller tattoos. Incidentally, all chest pieces differ based on the area of skin on which a design can be placed.

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At any rate, breast tattoos show up in any number of designs. Prevalent designs include flowers or tribal ink. Moths and roses show up quite a bit in more contemporary under boob tattoos. Some people include a meaningful quote, music notes, or birds. In addition, people also choose breast tattoos to dedicate and show off an intense love for their children. Since privacy goes with most breast tattoo designs, this type of design shows the intimate and secret part of the wearer.

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Breast Tattoo Designs

A tattoo over the heart of an actual heart remains the most popular chest tattoo, probably. Symmetry also works great for chest tattoos, and people often ink their hobbies into their skin.In example, the imagery can include music, travel, family, or something the wearer loves or feels passionate about.

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Mastectomy Breast Tattoos

At this point, a taboo still surrounds breast tattoos and tattoos in general. But, as tattoos become more widespread, people choose to cast off this taboo. Plus, they choose this path for a number of fascinating reasons. Women who endured breast cancer and needed a mastectomy—surgery to remove some or all of the breasts—may want a tattoo in the area after the healing process completes.

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For this reason, mastectomy tattoos make for commanding statements of beauty, courage, and self-fortitude. Transforming the scars of something considered by more as ugly and wildly painful into a gorgeous and personal work of art is an incredibly powerful—and empowering—process. Some tattoo artists and shops even offer preference and discounts of their usual prices to women who are interested in this form of ink.

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Men’s Breast/Chest Tattoos

Just because they aren’t as often ogled for their upper torso regions doesn’t mean that men don’t also sport some awesome works of tattoo art on their breasts and chests, as well—which might change that whole ogling thing going forward. Men’s chest tattoos are often spillover inks from arm sleeves or back pieces. There are no singular designs that most men select, though tribal is still a popular type of ink that men get as part or all of a chest piece. Animals, such as the elusive and tantalizing octopus, often show up in men’s chest pieces, too.

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If you’re brave and fashionable enough to obtain a breast or chest tattoo, be prepared for many long stares in your general direction. These tattoos aren’t about shyness or being kept a secret—so wear them proudly and with a smile.

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