Cancer Zodiac Tattoo | Amazing Tattoo Gallery for Cancerians

Cancer Zodiac Tattoo | Amazing Tattoo Gallery for Cancerians

As the most emotional member of the Zodiac, Cancer people have it hard. Every little thing can send them into a flurry of delight, sadness, or even anger! Because of that, this means Cancer signs have to think long and hard about whether they want a tattoo. Rarely compulsive, they often regret afterwards, which means they pick designs with utmost caution. Therefore, let’s check out a ton of Cancer zodiac tattoos today! Maybe you’ll find a cancer zodiac tattoo just for you.

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Luckily, Zodiac signs themselves make perfect tattoos and their value does not change over time. Likewise, this means that Cancers can safely pick one of these designs! In today’s gallery, we’ll talk about the myths behind another bunch of stars and look at different designs.

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Cancer Zodiac Mythology

Cancer the crab is the most unlucky of the zodiac signs, as far as myths go. Hercules was forced to fight the Hydra, and in their struggle, he stepped on a giant crab named Cancer. Presumably, the poor crab was in so much pain that Zeus removed his ability to feel pain and placed him among the stars out of pity. Cancer’s sad and dreary tale probably accounts for the emotional aspect that all Cancers share.

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Cancer Tattoos for Men

Like the rest of the Zodiac signs, Cancer makes for a great tribal tattoo. Thankfully, that means there’s an alternative to getting the number 69 inked on forever. Whether your tribal design is a Polynesian arm band or another type of stylized crab, Cancer zodiac tattoos shine. Some artists have also had success illustrating the crab in the irezumi style of Japan, with breathtaking waves decorating the edges.

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Anyways, the emotional part of Cancer personalities makes them wonderful people. Incredibly understanding, their social intuition takes the top of the Zodiac. Lastly, anyone with a Cancer tattoo mastered their emotions and we see them as a loyal, trusting, and dependable companion. Of course, you need to do your best to live up to your tattoo!

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