Capricorn Tattoos

Capricorn Tattoos

If you were born between December 22nd and January 20th, you’re fortunate to be a Capricorn! This water sign is ruled by the planet Saturn and associated with loyalty and quick wit. As a serious Capricorn, wearing a Capricorn tattoo tells others that you are a hard worker and do all you can, to the best of your ability. Thanks to the trend of fish in modern tattoos, there are many different types of styles you can pick from when looking through Capricorn tattoos.

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Capricorn Tattoos Meanings

Pricus the sea-goat was a creature that held a spot in one of the oldest myths. He was a smart and honored creature who had many sons. Unfortunately, those sons were also too ambitious for their own good, and climbed onto land. Once on land, they slowly became regular goats. Pricus couldn’t stand to see his children become lower creatures, so he reversed time again and again to bring them back to sea. When he realizes that he can’t control the fate of his children, he begs the god of time to let him die so that he will never be alone. Instead, he was placed into the stars so that he can watch over the children that were scattered across the lands.

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Capricorn Traits and Capricorn Horoscope

Like a water sign, emotions govern Capricorn. Unlike the water signs, they can pour this emotion into their work. The influence of Saturn allows Capricorn to be responsible, ambitious, and resourceful…but that also comes with a distrusting and conceited personality. In order to fulfill your potential as a Capricorn, focus on large projects and learn to trust others when you need help. Capricorn tattoos are a good way to highlight your serious nature and your independence.

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Capricorn Tattoos for Men

When getting a tattoo designed for men, you can focus on several aspects of the art. Tribal tattoos are very popular and accent the muscle, while realistic tattoos can show off the fierce resolve and determination of the Capricorn personality. As long as you don’t add frills or heavy eyelashes, the Capricorn sign lends itself well to masculine tattoo designs.

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A Capricorn looking to flaunt their prowess uses a tattoo. Capricorn tattoos show self-confidence, competence, and compassion. They tell everyone you take your work seriously and refuse to let others down. This signal is more than enough reason to consider getting a tattoo yourself, but there is also another good reason. Beautiful and serene, Capricorn tattoo designs emphasize both fierce masculinity and soft, feminine traits. The look great on anyone born under the sign!

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