Chicago Tattoo

Chicago Tattoos

Chicago, Illinois is the Midwest mecca for people who need a spot of nightlife and culture among many, many miles of farms, lakes, and fields. Nestled against Lake Michigan and the Chicago and Calumet Rivers, Chicago is the most populace-dense city in the Midwest. People of Chicago and nearby areas in the state of Illinois have mad pride for their city. Often, they wear their pride in tattoo form on their skin. First, brace yourself, and get ready to check out a lot of Chicago tattoos!

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Chicago Tattoos

Second, understand that there are many forms of Chicago-based tattoos. Chicago has a notable skyline, possibly due to the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. Especially since the fire destroyed a large part of the city, the community to rebuilt many of its oldest structures. Chicago boasts the Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower), the second tallest building in the United States, after the One World Trade Center. Many tattoo lovers opt to work some of Chicago’s spectacular skyline into a piece of ink. Accordingly, these tattoos may be simple and worn on the ankle, wrist, or bicep. On the other hand, some wearers get more elaborate skyline tattoos with complicated shading and detail worked into the artwork.

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The fire early mentioned also shows up in some Chicago pride tattoos. Occasionally, flames will shoot up in the backdrop of a Chicago tattoo, or the focal point of the piece—a sports logo, teddy bear, or a pin-up model—will be wearing a fireman’s helmet or holding a hose. It’s clear that Chicagoans aren’t apt to forget or dismiss their powerful history.

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Chicago Flag Tattoos

Chicago has a municipal flag that’s quite significant for the people of the city and can be seen in many Chicago-themed tattoos. A take on the traditional American flag, the Chicago flag has two horizontal blue stripes with four red stars in the center. Many tattoo artists have taken this basic flag and converted it to suit their client’s personal likes and preferences. At the same time, they maintain the colors and direction of the symbols, but combine it with images of their hobbies. Still others prefer to have the Chicago flag tattooed as it would appear flying in the breeze atop a flagpole.

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Chicago Sports Teams

In the same way, people from Chicago claim some serious team loyalty—and they should. With the rich history the teams created, Chicago ranks among the best. Teams represent all of the major sports: the Blackhawks, Bulls, Bears all pull their weight. Along with that, it claims two teams for baseball: the White Sox and the Cubs. Most of all, people who dig sports in Chicago watch and cheer for these teams, and some opt for some Chicago sports team ink. That said, large amounts of team mascots and logos show up in most Chicago tattoos. Notably, significant players, like #23 Michael Jordan, show up in their sporty tattoos.

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All things considered, citizens who call Chicago home show their pride and thanks with their tattoos. As a result, their city pride shows strong community spirit and a sense of living in a particular time and place in history together. Lastly, their city is part of who they are. By the same token, because tattoo lovers wear their life stories on their skin, Chicago tattoo lovers claim some seriously great Chicago art.

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