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Christian Tattoos

Religious tattoos ride on the edge of ‘holy’ and ‘taboo.’ Many religious texts speak out against tattoos, while others embrace them as sacred. Even within the same religion, multiple interpretations lead to different sects of the same religion with completely opposite views! Christianity is one such religion. This free Christian tattoo gallery takes you through some breathtaking designs dedicated to Christ, the Holy Bible, Catholic symbols, and what exactly the Bible says about tattoos. So grab some tattoo numbing cream and strap in for the ride. I hope you’re ready to learn all about the world of Christian tattoos!





Jesus Tattoos and Christian Tattoo Ideas

First up, let’s talk about the big guy—Jesus Christ, king of kings. He is the defining figure and namesake of Christianity, and one of the most common subjects of Christian tattoo ideas. So popular, in fact, that we have a whole article dedicated just to Jesus Christ tattoos! The pivotal moment where he sacrificed himself for your sins can be permanently emblazoned on any large area of your body. If you only have a small area to work with, such as your wrist, then just a small cross will do.


If we’re talking about faith symbol tattoos, then Jesus fish tattoos represent a whole history of persecution and triumph of Christians in the two millennia that have passed since his death. They reference the fact that Christ is the fisher of men, and can be easily used to recognize a Christian. All you need is a little bit of numbing lidocaine cream, and you, too, can wear the mark of a Christian.





Christian Sayings Tattoos

Bible scripture tattoo ideas don’t trickle down into your brain. They flood it. Most bibles have an index at the front or back of their book that points you to scriptures of certain topics. From divorce, marriage, family, friendship, hardship, and joy, the Bible contains scriptures for everything. In modern days, we have to look at things a little metaphorically if we want to apply it to new technologies or concepts. The best verse to represent you as a Christian is the only one you need to live by—John 3:16. As you can see from this gallery, there are many ways to show or portray the same words. Grab some tattoo lotion to make sure your symbolic image stays crisp and clear for decades.


Christian Tattoo Ideas 8

Christian Tattoo Ideas 7


Catholic Tattoos and Catholic Tattoo Ideas

Catholics have the same amount of scriptures dedicated to tattoos as Christians, and yet they may wear many more designs. Why might that be? Simply put, Christian Baptists or Lutherans consider the body or image of Christ on the cross or the veneration of the Virgin Mary to be borderline idolatrous. While other Christians prefer the empty cross to represent the resurrection, Catholics portray the body to represent Christ’s sacrifice for them. The Catholic library of angels and saints add to the list of holy figures that can be portrayed in tattoo designs as well. Catholic angel tattoos for men and women look spectacular, even as you sit in a tattoo chair or tattoo table and watch your artist as they work!

Christian Tattoo Ideas 5


Christian Tattoo Ideas 4


So what does the bible say about tattoos? Can Christians get tattoos? There is a ban against using tattoos to venerate the dead. However, that obviously doesn’t apply to a resurrected figure like Christ. The same verse is more of a message to preserve traditions, instead of replacing them with those of other cultures. In Revelations, Christ actually wears his own tattoo! The Bible is something open to interpretation, with some verses only saying figurative stories. It’s up to you to interpret the Bible for yourself if you want some unique Christian tattoo art inked!




Christian Tattoo Ideas 2

Christian Tattoo Ideas 1


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