Cloud Tattoos

Cloud Tattoos

A bright sun, calm winds, singing, and cloudy floors…this picture-perfect version of heaven fills the dreams of most people. Clouds universally symbolize inner peace, compassion, freedom, and harmony. Incidentally, people desire all of those traits for their dearly departed. At the same time, clouds pour rain, snow, and lightning onto unlucky people, caught in a storm. Because of that, cloud tattoos have all kinds of meanings, uses, and illustrative styles, and we’ll be going over all of that today.

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Cloud Tattoos Meaning

Typical cloud tattoos use regular old cumulus clouds. These fluffy, cotton-like clouds fill the sky during Spring and Summer. With time, they grow into storms, but on their own they are fun to watch and make shapes out of. As I mentioned before, clouds represent spiritual transcendence. They are a symbol of inner peace, harmony, and love. The world is a dark place, and clouds draw our attention away from the ground and to the heavens. For this reason, they are seen as a peaceful symbol.

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However, clouds rarely make up the majority of a tattoo design. They usually serve as a background to another object, enhancing the tattoo and filling out empty space. They are especially useful for memorial tattoos, since they evoke images of serenity, peace, and heaven. Memorial tattoos normally have a cross and the name of the deceased, with a ribbon wrapping around it to show the date of life, and a detailed cloud background to evoke feelings of calm.

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Combining a cloud with a sun can show off a silver lining, meaning that there is always a sliver of hope in even the darkest of times. Combining clouds with the moon gives off the feeling of a fleeting magical moment, since clouds can form and move quickly at night and cover the moon. Cloudy skies can be colored with more than just white and blue, of course—yellows, reds, and purples are beautiful colors associated with the sunset. A setting sun surrounded by clouds represents the end of something beautiful. Of course, the sun will rise again, and the clouds will clear eventually. The sunset can create hope with its promise of a new day after the darkness.

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Rain Tattoos

Clouds aren’t always calm. Storm clouds and whirlwinds make excellent tattoo designs, adding a dramatic flair to any scenery. Stormy seas make for excellent Sailor Jerry tattoos, while raining cloud tattoos can show the emotional side of whoever is wearing it. If you want an ominous tattoo design, rain clouds definitely get that emotion across. While stormy clouds represent chaos, chaos isn’t always a bad thing. It can mean the formation of something new. A brainstorm consists of a flurry of ideas, and with just one good idea, something excellent can be born.

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Whether you are using clouds as a backdrop for a touching memorial tattoo, or you are using it to represent the strength of your own mind, clouds represent your inner spirit. A cloud tattoo is a good way of telling everyone else that you are not held back by the negativity of those around you and you choose your own path in life.

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