Cool Tattoo Ideas

Cool Tattoo Ideas

Part of getting a tattoo is getting something cool and amazing that people will recognize you for. There’s no doubt that not all tattoo ideas are cool, so if you’re someone who enjoys that positive attention, picking the right design is crucial. If you choose wrong, you have to carry a tattoo that you are unsatisfied with for the rest of your life. Thankfully, choosing a cool tattoo isn’t that difficult. It’s all about how you approach the design and search for ideas. This article is made to help you find that exact solution to your cool tattoo idea dilemma. We’ll be going through all of the best tattoo ideas, unique tattoo ideas, funny tattoo ideas, and themes that are sure to spark your imagination.


Unique Tattoo Ideas

One of the easiest ways to ensure that you have a cool tattoo is to search for something unique. Talking to your tattoo artist ahead of time and ensuring that they’ve never done anything similar is a good way to start. A unique tattoo has the ability to entrance. If no one’s ever seen your tattoo before, they’ll be sure to get a good look at it. Whether it’s cool design or not might be up for debate, but they’ll know that you have excellent taste and strive to be unique and creative in everything you do. If that’s not cool in and of itself, I don’t know what is.


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Funny Tattoo Ideas

Entertaining others is part of what makes people cool, and seeking out funny tattoo ideas is a good way of doing this. However, there’s a fine line between a funny tattoo and a tacky tattoo. When people talk about funny tattoo ideas, they are normally talking about the tacky kind. Rather than focusing on being funny, you should seek out clever tattoo ideas. Anything that could have double meaning or makes someone think twice about what the tattoo portrays can be seen as a funny tattoo idea—and since it doesn’t really on shock value to be funny, it also counts as a cool tattoo idea.


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Tattoos with a Theme

Not all themes are created equal. Some themes are inherently cooler than others and will attract the gaze of wandering eyes. The reasons for their coolness might not be what you expect, though. I’m not going to go into every theme imaginable—you can look at the articles in the rest of the site for that—but I can cover the three topics that come up the most when we’re talking about coolness.


Tribal Tattoo Ideas

Tribal tattoos are some of the least understood designs. They were made popular when sailors visited the Polynesian islands and saw the high-ranking members of society sporting huge and incredibly complex tattoos. They would return home with souvenir tattoos that were simple arm bands to show their friends and family. This was a common way for sailors of the time to show just how far they had traveled, since tattoo styles, techniques, and design choices were so unique across the world.


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Now, if you’re going to go for the tribal look, you need to make sure you are completely dedicated to the tattoo. Unlike those sailors who grabbed a few quick arm bands to bring home, a true tribal tattoo is incredibly painful and covers a large amount of the body. High-ranking members of many Polynesian tribes would get the tattoos because it showed bravery, determination, and endurance—not because they looked pretty. Risk of infection was no joke, especially when they were using ash to dye tattoos instead of ink and no concept of sterilization that would actually work on an infection. With modern innovations and medical care, tribal tattoos are still a stroll in the park—but their huge history is a cool one, and their large size is still cool and impressive.


Religious Tattoo Ideas

Getting a tattoo is certainly taboo in many religions. On the other hand, it is central to others. It is my personal opinion that your body can be used as a shrine, and getting a tattoo is an excellent way to appeal to your spirituality. Common Judeo-Christian religious icons that are commonly tattooed include the Virgin Mary, the cross, Christ, winged angels, the Star of David, and stained glass images. Other amazing religious tattoo ideas include Lady Catrina (also called Santa Muerte), zodiac tattoos, alchemical symbols, pentagrams and other signs associated with witchcraft, lotus flowers, henna tattoos, images of Ganesha, fearsome Yokai, and…really, this list could go on for a very long time.


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When you get your religious tattoo, be sure it’s a design you like that is in line with your spiritual beliefs. These religious tattoos show that you are spiritual, devoted, and passionate about what you believe in. This is sure to come off as a cool tattoo, especially to other spiritual people. It’s also a good way to tell others about your beliefs without explicitly stating them. In a way, all tattoos are religious—they say something deep about the spirit of the person wearing them.


Cool Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women

Gender identity is an integral part to everyone’s lives. While all art is genderless, sometimes you might want to pick a particular color or design that is more closely associated with a societal norm. For this, we have several specific articles, including Cool Tattoo Ideas for Men, Womens Tattoos, and some articles which focus in on sleeve or back tattoos for different genders. No matter what you choose, as long as it matches what you would like, that’s what matters…which brings me to my final point.


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Cool tattoo ideas are not about what they look like, how they’re created, or how unique they are, but about how well you wear them and how much you like them. You can’t become cooler just by slapping a permanent piece of art on your skin—although, admittedly, such a feat is amazing. You have to focus on improving yourself and becoming more confident in your actions. Once you achieve this, any tattoo design that you choose will look cool—because it’s you who’s wearing it!



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  1. “La Catrina” and “La Santa Muerte” are totally different things. I understand preferctly that for a non-mexican there is a lot of room for confusion. But I would really encourage you to take a good look on the issue. You’ll find it’s a very interesting theme, both on the symbolic and social aspects.


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