Cool Tattoos for Men

Cool Tattoos for Men

Although a form of expression, no one faults you for checking out the latest tattoo trends. Cool designs inspire, and of course everyone wants to be the one with the cool tattoo. In this article, we compile dozens of cool tattoos for men, go over different locations and styles, and dig a little into how you can get a cool tattoo for yourself.

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Cool Sleeve Tattoos for Men

As you can see from the image gallery, having a cool design is only half the work of wearing a cool tattoo. The location you where it at, along with what kind of body shape you have, has a huge impact on whether or not your tattoo is perceived as cool. Furthermore, you guarantee success with a large sleeve. It accents your form by bending with your muscles.

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The more you work out, the more pronounced and awesome your tattoo will appear. In other words, if you want a tattoo that showcases your body, pay careful attention to your diet and exercise before and after your ink appointment. Working out makes you more fit, but if you bulk up afterwards, you risk stretching your tattoo. If you chill and lose some pounds and muscle mass, then your tattoo could shrink. Find an area of satisfaction and keep it there for your tattoo. In any case, maintain yourself carefully afterwards!

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Forearm Tattoos for Men

Luckily for some of you, muscles remain optional for cool tattoos. Forearm tattoos remain visible with many types of clothes, allowing you to accent your clothes and personality. If you often dress in dark or muted colors, a pop of red or blue goes a long way towards standing out. On the other hand, if you find yourself dressing in light colors, then a black and white tattoo suits you better.

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While you try to look cool, ensure your hair matches your getup. Since extra price means higher quality in both the hair and tattoo world, feel free to pay extra for a nice hair style. Plus, you can easily change the styles of your clothes and hair to suit the season, your tattoo will remain the permanent feature that people recognize you by. As long as you dress your best, a good forearm tattoo will be perceived as cool.

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Cool Small Tattoos for Men

Incidentally, starting small means starting smart when it comes to tattoos. Because of this, many cool tattoos start off small and gradually grow, with different styles and artists added on. As a result, small tattoos can expand to include extra design features, or they can simply surround them with other cool tattoos for men. One of the awesome things about tattoos is that you can create a collage on your skin and build up to a collective art piece.

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Good locations for cool, small tattoos for men are the wrist, forearm, shoulder, neck, and head. You’ll have to shave your hair down in order to display a head or neck tattoo. Shoulder tattoos—especially ones towards the side—work well to catch the attention of others. While tribal tattoos are good at accenting the muscles, I would avoid choosing a tribal design that is small. Tribal tattoos are meant to be large—they show off stamina—so someone with a small tribal tattoo comes off as a quitter. Other, smaller designs include Celtic knots, animals, and even words. You should get whatever you think represents you.

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Unique Tattoos for Men

Of course, getting a unique tattoo is more important than getting one in the correct place. A unique tattoo can make you iconic among individuals. When people think of you, your tattoo will be the first thing that comes to mind. In that regard, think of your tattoo as a ‘mascot,’ for yourself. What kind of mascot would you like to have? It can be a fearsome dragon, a cunning tiger, or a serene autumn scene. Anything colorful will work.

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As long as you get them done by a professional artist, the designs should be unique. Be sure to bring many designs that are similar to what you want, check out the artist’s portfolio, and brainstorm your unique tattoo together with your artist. This ensures that you get what you pay for—and excellent and unique tattoo.

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Tribal Tattoos for Men

In this instance of ‘tribal,’ we’ll be focusing on Polynesian tattoo styles. Tribal tattoos were originally done on men of high rank. Due to the risk of infection involved with getting a tattoo, these tribal tattoos show the courage of their wearer. While the symbols might appear random, they actually have specific meanings that are meant to instill certain properties in their wearer. The dog skin cloak pattern represents courage and bravery, the mackerel tail pattern represents prosperity, and fish scales represent health and wealth. We go into far more detail about tribal tattoos in our article about it, if you are interested in getting a tribal tattoo.

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Cross Tattoos for Men

Getting a tattoo of the cross is an excellent way to tell others that you are a spiritual person. There are several different styles of cross designs, and the colors you use can affect the meaning of the tattoo. Red evokes the bloody tale associated with the cross, while a blue cross shows devotion and a desire for peace. You can surround the cross with angels, furled leaves, or the text of a prayer to accent it. You can have a solid cross design or embellish it with a 3D drop shadow to really make it pop. Crosses are also used as a way to honor the dead, with the name and date of life written on a ribbon that wraps around the cross.

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No matter what you choose, remember that half of what makes a cool tattoo is having a cool person wearing it. In conclusion, looking cool doesn’t end with picking a good design and showing it off. In my opinion, you also need to walk the walk—keep your head up, your confidence high, and your style on-point for a cool impression. At the same time, every little bit of maintenance goes a long way.

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