Custom Temporary Tattoos

Custom Temporary Tattoos

There are many situations where you would want a tattoo without the commitment of getting one. In example, if you needed one for a play or a movie shoot, you obviously wouldn’t want to wear that character’s tattoo permanently. Temporary tattoos are an awesome accessory for vacations and holidays, serving as a marker that you are relaxing and enjoying yourself. When you look back on those times, you’ll remember what temporary tattoo you were wearing, and they make an excellent conversation starter with strangers. Plus, you don’t need to worry about tattoo ointment, lidocaine cream, numbing cream, or sunsceen for fake tattoos!

Getting a temporary tattoo to match the occasion can be troublesome. Some of them look kitschy, to say the least. They don’t appear to have the same quality of real ones, they have a different luster, and they can flake off at undesirable times. Today, we’ll be talking about how to achieve the best results with your temporary tattoo, how to shop around if you want a specific kind of tattoo, and how to make your own temporary tattoos without the help of a store.

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Make Your Own Temporary Tattoos

The easiest type of custom temporary tattoo to get is the one you can make on your own! You can find designs that you like online and print them out on regular printing paper for personal use. While you can sometimes transfer the ink directly onto your skin while it’s still wet from the printer, printer ink is not the healthiest thing for your skin. It can contain harmful or even poisonous chemicals.

It is better to trace over the design with parchment paper or tracing paper. Be sure you are using a non-toxic pen or marker to trace over it, allowing for lots of this safe ink to soak the paper. Once that’s done, go ahead and transfer it to your skin by laying the paper wherever you want the tattoo situated and going over the non-inked side with a wet wash cloth. If your temporary tattoo appears runny, simply grab a Q-tip and swab the area with a little bit of rubbing alcohol until you have a sharp line. Voila!

To give the tattoo a realistic luster, go ahead and apply baby powder to the area and solidify it in place with some light hairspray. Once again, if the tattoo ends up runny because of the hair spray, a Q-tip and some swabbing will fix it back up.

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Tracing Paperalcohol
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Incorporating color in your own custom tattoo is more difficult. You will need some artistic skill of your own to pull it off—or you can use stencils and some body-safe spray paint. To make a stencil, use an X-acto knife and cut a pattern into transparency film that you can get at Wal-Mart or any other store with office supplies. The spray paint and stencil custom temporary tattoos have the advantage of looking more professional. The stencils used for the tattoo can be reused over and over, and you can pick different colors for it, as long as you wash the stencils out between applications.

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Custom Temporary Tattoos for Kids

When making custom temporary tattoos for kids, you should think about some extra things to incorporate. No kid hates glitter—even if it can make the craft station messy for months—so think about adding glitter to some freshly made temporary tattoos. There are many iridescent or glitter-filled paints that also give a nice luster to tattoos. Robots, cars, dinosaurs, flowers, and bugs are easy stencils to make and any kid would enjoy wearing one. Okay, maybe not the part about bugs in general. But everything else would be cool for a kid! You can mix colors using a sponge when applying the tattoo with a stencil.

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Custom Temporary Tattoos that Look Real

You can get realistic-looking tattoos without making them yourself. There are entire sites dedicated to providing professional-looking, adult temporary tattoos. Many of them are large and cover wide swaths of the body. They last much longer than anything you could make at home or buy from Wal-Mart. Some of them even last over a month! Their premade tattoos are all designed to imitate real tattoos, and they come with application instructions. Like other fake tattoos, you will have to take special care to make sure it doesn’t fade away quickly! Do not use soaps or lotions in the area, if you can help it.

There are a few of these sites that offer custom temporary tattoos ( &, but they can get a little pricey. I would only recommend ordering online if you are interested in something professional-looking. You should also order ahead of time if you need it for an event, since it can take weeks for the tattoo to be made and shipped.

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Custom Henna Tattoos

Henna tattoos are some of the oldest types of temporary tattoos available. While they do not resemble ink tattoos, they are beautiful in their own right, and can offer a wide variety of designs and colors. Professional tattoo artists will sometimes offer henna art at their store, and they can use their skill to create gradients and custom images that look nothing like the traditional Hindu designs that we associate with henna tattoos. You can read about them in much more detail in our Henna Tattoos article, if you are curious about the mechanics of henna tattoos or would like to know how to make them yourself. If you’re an artist, tattoo chairs and tattoo tables may help you make great henna tattoos for your clients.


Source: The Eye of Henna


Making custom temporary tattoos on your own will be difficult at first, but the skills and tools that you use will be invaluable in everything you do. Plus, it’s good to have parchment paper, tracing paper, Q-tips, and X-acto knives around in case you need them. Whether you choose to make your own or order them online, knowing how to get custom temporary tattoos is fun and exciting. You can use these tattoos to spice up your life and switch between designs. You can also use them as training wheels of sorts to decide what kind of tattoo you would want to have for the rest of your life!



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