Daisy Tattoo | Lovely Flower Tattoos and What They Mean

“He loves me, he loves me not.” If you never tried your luck by plucking the petals of a daisy, you at least saw someone do it in a movie. Daisies make for a striking image in ink, despite their simple and common nature. Daisy tattoos come in a huge variety of colors and styles and can be found in virtually any location on the body, making this seemingly boring flower a bit less…boring.

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Daisy Symbolism

While conventional, the daisy actually carries with it some lovely and unique symbolism. Its very name “daisy,” means “day’s eye,” thus referring to the way they close up at night. The flowers emerge when the sun returns, of course. This inherent meaning can be deeply symbolic for people who may opt for a daisy design. They represent rebirth after one of life’s hardships. Or, perhaps they represent a reawakening that comes with experience and a change in the heart or in the mind.

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Daisies also carry a meaning of innocence and purity, and old Christian artwork often included the flower. Daisy tattoos symbolize these sort of characteristics in the individual wearer, or they possess an entirely different, personal, and special meaning. Folks who wear daisy designs usually love nature and show a passion for living things. They enjoy simple and natural beauty, which we see reflected in their flower of choice.

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Styles of Daisy Tattoo Designss

Daisy designs come in a variety of styles. Very often, people ink single bloom daisy tattoos. Many people enjoy using a daisy focal point to center their tattoo around. Furthermore, they ask their artist to create a large and colorful daisy centerpiece with other imagery surrounding it. Daisy designs also take the form of daisy chains, daisies in their natural, wild environment, or a small daisy in a large scene.

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Daisy tattoos can be hyper-realistic or more cartoon-like, and can be found in any number of colors and sizes. Artists sometimes connect daisy designs with a word or phrase, rather than a scene. ‘Love’ and ‘peace’ complement the flowers well!

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Though the traditional daisy conjures up an image of a flower with a yellow center and several white petals shooting from the center, daisies actually grow in a variety of colors and shapes. Daisy tattoo designs represent this variety well, especially colored tattoos. While many people seek a traditional daisy, still others go for a daisy design that looks bright, asymmetrical, and modern in its look.

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Daisy Tattoo Placement

Though no tattoo is gender-specific, you’ll most often see women wearing daisy ink. The foot, ankle, and leg are locations on the body where many people choose to place their daisies. These flower tattoos also make striking arm or side pieces when combined with other colorful flora. The lower arm, wrist, and even the back of the neck and behind the ear make excellent places for daisy designsl! At least one woman decided to get a tiny daisy inked in on one of their toes!

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