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Ahh, the great outdoors! Whether you want to sleeping in a tent or hang around a campfire, roasting your food over an open flame in a pit in the ground, the outdoors just feel wonderful. At the same time, it feels special to see wildlife in its natural habitat. Deer populate the world over, but people consider catching sight of one a distinct moment in time. On the other hand, deer tattoos remain even more unique and rare. Nonetheless, they look fabulous when witnessed firsthand.

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Deer Tattoo Symbolism

The deer represents a number of things. A sacred animal in Native American culture, the deer can be thought to symbolize love, family, or grace. Ancient Celtic people also found the deer to be a revered animal that held connection to mythical worlds and an untimely elegance; additionally, Celts thought of the deer as a protector and guardian of the forest and all living creatures therein. Overwhelmingly, deer are considered benevolent, yet strong—which is a fascinating combo in the animal world.

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Nature lovers go hand-in-hand with deer tattoos. Along with that, people of Celtic or Native American lineage commemorate their heritage with these unique tattoos. A deer tattoo symbolizes love of family and the need to protect and care for those around the wearer. Because of the gentleness and perceived good nature of the deer, some people use the deer to symbolize faith.

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On the flipside of this more benign ideology, many individuals choose deer to show their passion for hunting. Deer top the list of regularly hunted animals in many countries, while you can use every part of its body to sustain life.

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Feminine Deer Tattoos

In contemporary society, a seemingly basic image comes to life in many ways. Deer tattoos, like others, come in a multitude of forms and types. More feminine deer tattoos include more delicate line work, bright colors, or a subtle image placed discretely on the back on the neck or ankle. The popular Disney film, Bambi, also spawned a whole subset of toony deer tattoos, more feminine in form.

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Masculine Deer Tattoos

As mentioned earlier, many deer tattoo wearers opt for this symbol due to their excitement for the sport of hunting. More masculine deer tattoos include deer skulls, a deer with some sort of camouflage coloration, or an image of a deer in its natural forest environment. You can also incorporate deer tattoos into memorial pieces for a loved one with a knack for hunting that passed on. Placement for masculine deer tattoos can vary, but this image makes a wicked chest piece or centerpiece for a sleeve on a leg or arm. The popular alcoholic beverage Jägermeister uses a deer in its imagery, and some enthusiasts have opted to get this logo permanently inked on their skin.

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