Diamond Tattoo Meaning | Best Designs for Diamond Tattoos

Diamond Tattoo Meaning | Best Designs for Diamond Tattoos

People around the world treasure diamonds above all, and for good reason: they’re beautiful. Whether diamonds show off someone’s wealth or prove their devotion, diamonds center on communicating with important people in your life. Because they contain a complex and extensive history, they also garnered several different meanings. The cut, color, clarity, and carat of the gemstone change the meaning, though artists rarely explore that in the realm of diamond tattoos and stick to classic depictions. Today, let’s look at the best diamond tattoos and their meanings! If this is your first tattoo, check out some of the best lotion for tattoos to speed up your healing process!

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Diamond Tattoo Meaning

While it ranks among the most common gemstones on the planet, they tug at your wallet whenever you want to get one. Diamond miners forged a trade agreement to limit the supply of diamonds. This means that, despite the fact that scientists make them in the lab with cheap materials, diamonds cost a fortune. As I mentioned above, diamonds have properties that have traveled with them over time.

Diamonds are one of the toughest substances on the planet. Warriors wore them to strengthen their muscles and resolve in battle. Associated with marriages, clear diamonds now represent love, purity, innocence, and faithfulness. Those light blue diamond tattoos that you frequently see? They mean abundance, wealth, and pleasure, and you usually see them among royalty.

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Best Diamond Tattoo Designs

Don’t let that light blue fool you, though—there are actual blue diamonds that have a different meaning. Conveying the color of blue diamond tattoos is a little difficult, since normally tattoo artists will use blue to shade diamonds. But if you insist on getting the blue gem, the meaning changes to serenity, love, and affection. The color blue is also associated with mental and psychic abilities in gemstones, so someone with a blue diamond tattoo might feel that they are very empathetic.

Lab workers manipulate diamond colors in the lab. Very rarely, miners find raw blue diamonds. Colored diamonds are much rarer because they contain chemical impurities that crystallized in the diamond’s structure. This means that finding a diamond that is a solid color, rather than a hobbled mix of rocks, is incredibly difficult.

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Small Diamond Tattoo

These are the diamond tattoos that you normally see people get. The diamond tattoo remains popular for a reason—they only need one color. Artists ink them quickly, and their size means that they can be placed anywhere on the body. If you only want a diamond tattoo because of the pain of getting a large tattoo, look into Lidocaine spray to completely take away the pain of tattoo sessions. These tattoos are associated with wealth, love, and royalty. Often, you will find them coupled with an elaborate crown or bouquet of roses.

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Diamond Tattoo on Finger

A diamond tattoo on your finger shows love. Plenty of people choose tattoos over marriage rings. You can’t lose a tattoo, for one, and it’s far more permanent than a ring is. You can’t take a tattoo off, either, so it shows faithfulness alongside love. While the small area limits how much detail you can place on it, the finger still works well for couple tattoos. Talk with your significant other about couple tattoos, if they love tattoos! If you want to look at more of our Couples Tattoos, we have a whole article for you to check out. If your SO has very sensitive skin, let them know about tattoo numbing cream!

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Realistic Diamond Tattoo

These gemstones look beautiful, and people know it. Some artists go out of their way to present a beautiful gemstone, rather than a cut-and-pasted design you can find anywhere on the net. These tattoos cost a lot, but they show off what makes diamonds unique. Their clarity and reflectivity gleam in a high-quality tattoo. The shadows that a diamond throws are almost as recognizable as their shimmer. Including these things in a diamond tattoo makes it stand out from the crowd. If you are an artist, look for some awesome tattoo tables that help you perfect the angle of your tattoo machine during these sessions. Tattoo artist stools also help you relax during your work.

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