Dimos Karagiannis

Dimos Karagiannis

Today we’ll be interviewing Dimos Karagiannis, who hails from the Serres area of northern Greece. At 29 years old, he’s already been a tattoo artist for 5 years. While he has shown talent with football and has worked in a few non-artistic occupations, he ultimately decided to pursue a career as a tattoo artist. That decision is one of his best, as this sociable tattoo artist creates incredibly professional images for his clients.


All about Pirates?

He originally decided to become a tattoo artist because he loved pirates. “I always knew that I would have my own tattoos…but I had never thought that I would become a tattoo artist in the end.” That changed when he got his first tattoo. “When I was 17, I had my first tattoo, and I enjoyed the experience very much. Since then, I wanted to get involved in the industry.” His family supported him from the start and helped immensely as he made his first attempts to become a tattoo artist.

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“After much effort, I finally managed to get into a store in the center of Thessalonki, Greece, and participate in some seminars about tattooing.” That’s where he met ‘Miami,’ another tattoo artist in the industry, and exchanged contact information. “He opened a store called Pair a Dice and he asked me to go there and become an apprentice. Since then, we work together, and we have a great partnership.”


Since working at Pair a Dice, he has enjoyed the atmosphere and fun of a tattoo shop. Anyone who has worked a social job knows how hard it can be to forge those working relationships, but Dimos had no trouble. “I enjoy the pleasant atmosphere we have created with the others…and the fact that we can cooperate in a very good manner. Of course, sometimes we have conflicts, but we get over them quickly.” Along with working at Pair a Dice, he has made an appearance at other tattoo stores. He appeared as a guest artist at Ink Me Up as far away as Stuttgart, Germany. “You have the opportunity to travel a lot, meet new people, and make them happy by inking them for their entire life with one of your designs. I like the fact that I meet new people that have a common passion for tattoos that we can share.”


Equipment and Inspiration

When it comes to line drawing, he uses the blackline tattoo machine from Rhapsody Tattoo Supplies. For colored tattoos and shades, he switches to the Dragonfly. His colored ink is from the incredibly popular Inteze, which is known for its high quality ink and huge color assortment. He takes most of his inspiration from his customers. “A customer brings me a design, and I want to reform it to something unique and crazy. I want to like it myself, and then I worry about the customer liking it.”


His Style

His art style uses classic graphic design mixed with stippling techniques. “I enjoy ‘dirtying’ a design and producing something extreme and unique. I prefer graphic designs because, in this way, I can create something from scratch. With this kind of tattoo, I can easily express myself and make it as crazy as I want, without any restrictions or rules.” When he has free time, he uses it to learn more about the arts. “I search and read many interviews from other artists, and I search for their work whether they are in the tattoo industry or not. I also meet with friends as often as he can, and spends the leftover time catching up on comics.


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His favorite tattoo artist is called ‘Xoil.’ “When I first saw his work, I got thrilled and I wanted to do something similar to it. That’s why I decided to focus upon the art style of the graphic design. I believe this artist took tattoos to the next level.” The artist drew his favorite design, as well. “The tattoo was a camera, and when I first saw it, I said to myself that there is no way that kind of tattoo could actually exist. It changed my entire philosophy about tattoos.”


Always Learn Something New…

Dimos never intends to stop learning. “My goal is to never stop improving myself, my designs, and my tattoo techniques, because I believe that you can always learn something new and take advantage of it.”


dimos karayiannis 3Of course, working as a tattoo artist isn’t all paradise. Dimos has never encountered any bad customers, nor has he had any bad experiences, but he does meet a lot of people that he wish he had met sooner. “There are some people who do not want to get a good tattoo. They just want a cheap one. This might happen because there is a fashionable trend, or maybe they saw it somewhere and they liked it. I have many of those kinds of people that come to the stores I work at and ask us to cover or correct their tattoos. They end up spending the same amount of money, or even more, than they would have if they had just selected a better artist for their tattoo.”



All About The Customers

Treating his customers with respect is one of his top priorities. “I want to make my customers relax so that they can release any stress that they might have from their work. They are going to be tattooed, so I want them to enjoy the experience as much as they can.” He would advise all of his guests to be certain about their tattoo design, and not to waver if the price tag is a little higher than expected. “It’s a choice that they will carry with them for the rest of their life.”


If you live in the Thessaloniki area of Greece and would like to meet Dimos, then be sure to stop by Pair o Dice! If you live elsewhere, then you can check out his blog and Facebook. Check out his work in the below gallery! If you enjoyed this article, be sure to check out our other tattoo articles at InkDoneRight.com .


To everyone reading, Dimos has a special message for you: “Life is too short to worry a lot, so have fun as much as you can and get inked!”






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