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Eagle Tattoos

20 PowerFull Eagle Tattoos

Eagles are revered worldwide as powerful birds of prey. Mexico uses an eagle perched on a cactus holding a snake as one of its national symbols—and you can even see it on their flag! The United States also has a bald eagle as a national, patriotic symbol. They are some of the largest birds around, with their wingspan only beaten by vultures and a few water birds. The strength and virtue that these birds emanate make them perfect designs for patriotic tattoos. Today’s gallery is filled to the brim with eagles. We’ll learn about symbolism, their meaning in combination with other symbols, and how to get the best eagle tattoo design!

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Eagle Tattoos Meaning

The eagle represents strength, leadership, and determination. Since it rules over all winged creatures, it is an animal with a very close connection to heaven. Eagle feathers are worn by many Native American tribes as symbols of accomplishments, which is where the stereotype of the feather-crowned Native comes from. In heraldic tattoos, the eagle represents courage in battle and is most often displayed on the armor of soldiers and banners of war. Eagle tattoos with wings spread represent the strength to protect. Because eagles are such a widespread group of birds, the specifics of eagle symbolism change depending on where you are. Invariably, it is bound to be a symbol of strength, but its spiritual attributes may change.

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Eagle & Cross Tattoos

The eagle is commonly seen as the symbol of a country’s or individual’s power. Whatever it holds in its talons represents what that strength is trying to achieve. On the back classic U.S. quarters, the eagle holds a bundle of arrows in one leg and an olive branch in the other. The idea is that the U.S. uses its power in order to protect peace. When an eagle is depicted holding a cross, it shows their desire to use their power to spread the good faith. It is a common symbol of missionaries. Eagle tattoos holding a cross with a blade on one end (almost like a sword) shows that the wearer pursues justice above all.

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Bald Eagle Patriotic Tattoos

Eagle tattoos make great patriotic tattoo sleeve designs, especially when combined with American flag tattoos. Patriotic eagle tattoos combine black ink with red and blue to create a scene. Since white ink is expensive and may be ineffective—see our White Ink Tattoos for more information on that—the white of a flag is simply skipped in favor of natural skin colors.

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Whether you are looking for upper arm tattoos for guys, first tattoo ideas for men, or eagle tattoos for women, you are bound to be inspired by our gallery. You can check out different styles of tattooing on the rest of InkDoneRight if you are looking for a certain style. For the best eagle tattoo design, make sure to find the perfect artist and the perfect style! Traditional tattoos, Sailor Jerry tattoos, Neo-traditional tattoos, and Trash Polka tattoo designs all work well with eagles. If you are looking for your first tattoo and want to show off your patriotism, these beautiful birds are perfect for the task!



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