Ed Sheeran Tattoos

Ed Sheeran Tattoos

You probably know about Ed Sheeran by now. This amazing singing sensation is sweeping the world by surprise, with his songs airing on radios across the globe. New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom all play his songs on the daily. I highly recommend checking out a concert if it’s in your area while his tickets are still cheap! Chances are, he is visiting you soon. Along with his good music, he also wears over sixty tattoos! Although not the most artistic, these tattoos contain deep meaning that I want to share with everyone today. Following up from our Rihanna Tattoos feature, here’s yet another excellent artist adorned with tats!

Ed Sheeran Tattoos Map

To start with the Ed Sheeran tattoos’ map, check out his Heinz Ketchup tattoo. Apparently he’s very serious about ketchup. Ed Sheeran tattoo ketchup pales in comparison to his Puss-in-Boots tattoo, which directly references the Shrek movie. You heard that right—not the fable, but the movie Shrek. While many of his tattoos seem tasteless, many of them connect to his friends and fans. A large tree tattoo represents how connected he is to his family and heritage.

Ed Sheeran Lyric Tattoos

A kiwi memorializes his first tour in New Zealand. He wears matching puzzle pieces with many of his friends—and some of them even share bigger designs, such as a Pingu tattoo!  He commemorates events and tours with other bands, including a snowflake for his tour with Snow Patrol. As for Ed Sheeran lyric tattoos, he sports ‘Everything that happens is from now on,’ in an amazing handwritten font. The lyrics come from Bon Iver, and the font matches Iver’s handwriting! A stick figure with a plane over it shows Ed Sheeran’s Damien Rice signature tattoo. Ed Sheeran probably mastered the art of tattoo aftercare!

Check Out Ed Sheeran’s Concerts!

I look forward to watching a tattoo-lover perform when he visits Minneapolis later this year. He tours all across the globe, so if you live in Europe, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, or Australia—look him up and see when he plays! We found a good deal on tickets. He covers many different genres and performs well live. I hope you learned more about this awesome singer and look forward to learning more about the stories behind musicians’ tattoos!

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