Elbow Tattoos – 20 Staggering and Meaningful Designs

Elbow Tattoos – 20 Staggering and Meaningful Designs

Do you already have a tattoo, and have you fallen in love with the art form? The thrill of being inked and wearing a piece of art for the rest of your life is certainly enticing. Elbow tattoos take the art of inking to its extreme. They are notorious for being painful, but the movable nature of the skin makes it an ideal location for geometric designs or pseudo-3D designs. As you bend your elbow, the design pops out! It adds depth to small designs, and geometric designs become mesmerizing. If you are thinking of getting an elbow tattoo, here are some things you want to know ahead of time!

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Elbow Tattoos Pain

Do elbow tattoos hurt? Yes! Any area with bone is a difficult place to tattoo, but elbows are the worst! The outside of the elbow has bone and skin and little else. Every time the needle passes through your skin, it’s going to hit bone, and that’s going to hurt a lot. If you are sensitive to pain, just avoid this kind of tattoo altogether. Different artists will be more or less skilled at avoiding pain, and different people have minute changes in their anatomy that could lend to a less painful experience. But chances are that the stars are not in your favor, so think seriously about getting this tattoo. It takes dedication!

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Elbow Tattoos Healing

Along with being one of the most painful tattoo locations, elbow tattoo healing is a very long and arduous process. You have to avoid bending the arm, lest the wound crack or the ink move. This means you’re going to have trouble doing things in your daily life such as cooking or driving. Even if we disregard the health aspect, it’s going to be painful moving your elbow for six weeks, if you’re responsible about your aftercare. That’s quite a while!

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Elbow tattoos take a huge amount of dedication to pull off, but once you have it, it’s a shining testament to your appreciation of the art. Anyone who sees it will know, first of all, that you love art. Secondly, they’ll know you have the patience and endurance of a saint!

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