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All across the world, elephants are revered for their astounding memory, sense of sympathy, cleverness, and wisdom! Elephants even have funeral-type rituals for the deceased and speak in a language of their own (albeit, the rumbles are very low, so we have to use special microphones in order to hear it). On top of all that, their cute demeanor, oversized ears, and long trunk make it impossible to hate them. In today’s article, we’re talking all about elephants. We’ll look at their meaning throughout the religions and cultures of the world, check out tons of Elephant Tattoo Designs, and show off a bunch of images of elephant tattoos! Whether you are interested in feminine tattoos, family tattoos, simple tattoos, cover-ups, and more, elephants are sure to cater to you. This is a big gallery article just for the largest land animal alive!

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Elephant Tattoo Meaning

What does an elephant symbolize? What do elephants represent spiritually? Since elephants are common in Africa and South Asia, the many cultures that inhabit those areas have developed specific connotations of elephants. And, while they’re not technically elephants, there are even petroglyphs of mammoths that show that humans have been interacting with elephants for a very long time.

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In Hinduism, there is a god called Ganesha that has the head of an elephant and a human body. The same figure exists in Buddhism under the name Kangiten. Ganesha represents wisdom, determination, endurance, and foundation. Invoking this god will help you overcome trials or establish a home for yourself. A Ganesha elephant tattoo helps you to hone your wisdom and memory! Another origin tale of the elephant involves them guarding the entire earth in each cardinal direction. Similarly, in African cultures the elephant is considered a fair judge that settles disputes and keeps the forest creatures peaceful.



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Elephant Tattoo Designs

Given the large nature of elephants, elephant tattoos tend to be large themselves! This makes them absolutely ideal for cover up tattoos. The many details, wrinkles, patterns, and gradients used in an elephant tattoo can cover up just about anything. Whether you are looking for cool elephant tattoos or just simple elephant tattoos, you should find a theme and style that perfectly suits you in our descriptions!

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Simple Elephant Tattoos and their Meanings

You can’t get more simple than a tiny elephant tattoo. If you are looking for a simple elephant tattoo, the ideal places to put one are the wrists, feet, arms, ankles, or even the back of your hands! There’s also the option of using your finger for the elephant’s trunk, but be sure to sit on that idea for a while before you go through with it. Simple elephant tattoos are drawn with the minimal amount of lines and often end up looking like a contour drawing. These tiny tattoos are hard to spot but sure to capture the hearts of those who discover them.


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Family Elephant Tattoos

If you want to get a tattoo to show off your family or memorialize them forever, look no further than family of elephant tattoos. Elephants are known for traveling in family herds. There can be three or four generations all within the same herd! They stick together, care for their young together, and will team up against potential predators together. They travel huge distances between seasons to find places with enough food to support the whole herd. Family elephant tattoos are normally drawn as a straight line with the trunks of the elephant holding the tail of the one in front. Children can be centered, as they normally are in their migration patterns, or they can be added to the end of the group each time a new member appears. That’s the fun thing about these family tattoos—they are expandable!

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Pattern Elephant Tattoos

The tribal elephant meaning has built up over many thousands of years. First, I’d like to say that evevn though they are referred to as tribal, they have very little to do with African tribes, Polynesian tribes, or American Indian tribes. Most tribal elephant tattoos are actually Hindu elephant tattoo designs. They are also almost exclusively Indian elephant tattoos. The beautiful patterns of Indian henna tattoos also reflects in their other tattoo designs, and elephant tattoos inspired by Indian designs will have many of the same patterns.


Flowers, minimal colors, jewelry, clothing, tusk decorations, stripes, and spots all tie in with this theme. These tattoos are less about showing the form of the elephant and more about showing their meaning. A tribal elephant tattoo will appear wise, regal, an powerful. The tattoos that do resemble Polynesian styles are obviously modern tattoos and don’t have very much history…but that doesn’t mean they have no meaning! These pretty designs take the form of the elephant and simplify it as much as possible. The end result is an intricate elephant tattoo!



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Feminine Elephant Tattoos

As with all tattoo themes, elephant tattoos for women are not necessarily about appearing girly or not. In modern times, what matters is that it perfectly suits you. If you think a traditionally feminine elephant tattoo suits you, then there are lots of designs that you can pick from. Tattoos that are more feminine focus less on detail and more on curves. There are as few straight lines and corners as possible to emphasize the elephant’s form. Go wild with color! Pinks, blues, and pure reds suit elephants best, but they all work. Decorate the elephants with jewels and roses.

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So, do you love elephant tattoos yet? There are infinite variations to check out and we have gathered as many as possible. You can check out our style-specific articles to see if there are any new styles you would like to explore. Personally, I think Trash Polka elephants look amazing. You surely have your own special style that you can hone in on, and from there you can find your ideal artist. Once you have your elephant tattoo, your wise and forgiving nature will shine wherever you go!

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