Face Tattoos That Are Surprisingly Hypnotic

Face Tattoos That Are Surprisingly Hypnotic

Face tattoos seem to be stuck in the realm of taboo. Despite the fact that there are many amazing face tattoo designs, people shy away from them, claiming that they are bad decisions or automatically ugly. First, let me say that anyone who claims something is automatically ugly or beautiful has poor aesthetic. Concepts, such as tattoos, are not fated to look one way or the other.

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How good a face tattoo looks depends entirely on the artist’s execution and the inked person’s sense of beauty. The opinions of shrewd onlookers have no place in deciding how a tattoo does or doesn’t look. Your body belongs to you, and you decide what to do with it. That being said, the vast majority of face tattoos look great. Not all of them, but most. In today’s article, we’ll go over different types of face tattoos!


Designs of Face Tattoos


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Geometric face tattoo designs look awesome and last a while. Tribal designs with a Hindu flair are the correct balance of beautiful, simple, and entrancing. Dotwork tattoos allow for gradients that last for a lifetime—something very important when thinking about designs for your face! It’s harder to touch up the area, after all. Many cultures, such as the Maori, have full-face tattoo designs with their own meanings attached to them. It’s worth researching them, if you are interested in a full-face tattoo!

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Face Tattoo Regret

Most face tattoos look fine, and some face tattoos look beautiful, and the rest…well, let’s just say that people who get face tattoos aren’t immune to regret. Those who regret their tattoos frequently get words, names, teardrops, and religious symbols tattooed to their face. The reason for that is simple—words and symbols have a set meaning, while the priorities of people change over time. Your face telegraphs who you are to other people, and if you have a tattoo there that no longer represents you, well…you’re more likely to regret the tattoo than tattoos in other locations that are easily concealed. The tattoos below are all good tattoos, despite breaking some of these ‘rules.’

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What matters is that you are certain to be proud of your design for a lifetime. Discuss with your artist and mull over it for a while to decide what sort of look is right for you. Do you want a small, simple design? Maybe something that radiates from your ears? Maybe something tattooed in a more noticeable spot? Whatever you choose, that tattoo represents you. Anyone who has a problem with it either doesn’t appreciate art or is just bitter. Good luck!



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