Fairy Tattoo | Fairy Tattoos and the Magical World of Ink

The Magical World of Ink

Fairies (also called pixies, faeries, or fey) represent both the good side and the bad side of innocence. They associate with forest life, and especially with small plants, mushrooms, and butterflies. They take care of the forest, but they also prank anyone who wanders in their path. Their lovely figures and beautiful wings make them the centerpiece of many tattoos. Today, let’s explore the meaning behind fairy tattoos and the different fairy tattoo styles. Look through our fairy tattoos gallery and find something to inspire you!


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Fairy Tattoo Meaning

As I mentioned before, fairies represent both sides of innocence. But, they also represent liberation and freedom. With pixie tattoos, the flora and fauna that accompany the design represent a connection with nature. As we grow older, we lose a little bit of our childish innocence and disconnect from the natural world. Celtic fairy designs bring us back to our view of nature as children: wild, untamed, and rife with adventure.

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Combinations of Fairy Designs

The meaning of fairy designs changes depending on what you pair the fairy with. Whether you want to leave an innocent impression, a wild impression, or a magical impression, pairing your fairy with something else enhances its meaning.

  • Tattoos of Fairies and Butterflies – This combination focuses on the freedom and the wild side of fairies and pixies. The tattoo design seamlessly blends the natural with the supernatural. This tattoo reminds you to take hold of your reality and experience it to the fullest. Gothic fairy tattoos use a little more black than color in the wings of their subjects.
  • Tattoos of Fairies and AngelsAngels and fairies both represent innocence. Putting them together multiplies that, but it also creates the image of guardians. Both the wild part of nature (fairies) and the graceful side of creation (angels) look over you with silence, protecting you at every step. This tattoo reminds you to have faith in the world’s good side. Use angel and fairy designs on back portions of your body to fully utilize the space of your canvas.
  • Fairy Tattoos with Fairy Dust – These work especially well with small fairy tattoos on your wrist, since the tiny fairies fit in small places and the dust takes up hardly any space. The dust itself represents the magic of the fairy. Fairies use dust to cast magic, charm, and prank their victims. This combo shows off the magical and mischievous side of fairies. Perfect for any unpredictable man or mysterious lady!
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Fairy Tattoo Symbolism

Tattoos of fairies and pixies evoke a beautiful and mysterious magic over anyone who sees them. A touch of magic in your life goes a long way and helps you respect the world around you. Conversely, your fairy design allows you to explain the wild side of the world that matters to you. Like the fairies, we must look at the world with innocent eyes. Sometimes good things happen, and sometimes bad things happen, but that’s just the flow of the world.

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