Faith Tattoos – The 20 Best Faithful Designs for You

When the world seems like a dark and unforgiving place, faith is what gets us by. It is an act that requires belief despite evidence. It is the ultimate act of trust that we place on those we hold in high regard or the world itself. No matter your doctrine, faith is a virtue that needs careful refinement so that you can lead a fulfilling life. The moment when it is most appropriate to act on faith rather than reason is rare, but something you must learn to recognize. Getting Faith Tattoos is sure to remind you of this task and help you hone your senses. Here is an awesome gallery of faith tattoos, complete with design recommendations and meanings! Also consider having a little faith in science and using lidocaine cream before your session–it works wonders.

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Beauty lies in simplicity

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Great idea to combine it with a semicolon!

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Great combination


Faith Bible Verses and Symbols

The cross is the most popular symbol of faith. It represents the unwavering faith practiced by Christ. Faith can also be combined with the image of flying birds because having faith in something can set you free. A heartbeat pattern that imitates a pulse represents your soul and how it runs on faith. Faith foot tattoos reference faith bible verses that urge the reader to walk with faith. Faith and hope go hand in hand, with hope representing the desire for something good to happen, and faith representing the actions of believing something good will happen. Both are required for a positive outlook on life. Just like tattoo ointment soothes your new tattoo, a little bit of faith soothes your soul.

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Faith Tattoos for Guys

Getting a large cross tattooed on your chest is a common way for men to show faith. When it comes to faith tattoos for men, large tattoos seem to be favored. If crosses don’t suit your fancy, you can pick a bible verse that represents faith. You can find a list in the appendix of most bibles. If you’re worried about tattoo pain, remember that we were graced with the invention of lidocaine cream.


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Faith Tattoos for Women

Feminine faith tattoos tend to be small and subtle. Beautiful script font that uses curves accents the femininity of the tattoo. Small crosses on your wrist or ankle get the message across without distracting others. Those that notice it will take note of your faith and it may even prompt a conversation about the virtue—which is always a plus!


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Whether you are Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Atheist, or any other creed, faith is something that is critical to a healthy inner character. Reason has its place in the world of science, but when it comes to emotions and connections, faith and trust are crucial to forging a good relationship with others. It also takes faith to remain positive in a world which feels more negative every passing second. Use your faith tattoo to remind you of that required characteristic and make it a point to better yourself as a person just like you better your body with a bit of tattoo cream and after care. You’ll notice that your daily life and your outlook on life will drastically improve!

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