Family Crest Tattoo | Family Tattoos for History

Family Crest Tattoo | Family Tattoos for History

By Devon Fulford

The term ‘family’ means a vast variety of things to any one person who hears it. Family can be the people who gave birth to and raised you, such as your siblings, and extended relatives. Family can also be the people from your town who were there for you. Some people consider family to be the close-knit network of people who share common interests with them—like band families or work families. Still others think of family as best friends and comrades who shared their life secrets. Whether you want to look at a family crest tattoo or just enjoy the tattoos that bring people together, this gallery will have something for you. Today, let’s take a look at family tattoos!

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Regardless what definition of family you may assume and practice, it’s nearly inevitable that you have some personal understanding of what family means to you. Because of the closeness and importance of the people we call family, many, many people choose to get family-based tattoos.

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Types of Family Tattoos

On that note, I gathered all the different kinds of family tattoos. From names and crests, coat of arms, sibling tattoos, parental tattoos…really, the list goes on. Anyways, check them out!

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Names or Crests/Coat of Arms Tattoos

Of course, you can instantly recognize the family name or family crest/coat of arms. Certain cultures are more apt to obtain their family name in ink on their skin, which is symbolic of the pride they have for being born into a certain genetic set. Sometimes, the name itself will be worked into a larger tattooed piece, featuring a tree—a very popular image in family tattoos—or other meaningful pictures. Sometimes, the name alone makes enough of a powerful statement to the wearer that it’s all they choose to have tattooed.

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Other cultures are more apt to have their family crest/coat of arms translated into elaborate and proud tattoos which show off both their heritage and their family pride. Some of these date back quite far in history and thus make outstanding historically-themed tattoos, as well.

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Sibling Tattoos

Siblings—both those by blood and those who we choose to identify as our siblings—are compelling presences in our lives. For that reason, many siblings get matching tattoos, or complimentary tattoos that make a completed piece when viewed near or next to each other. Whether they pick birds, hearts, locks, keys, or infinity signs, they show the love between siblings.

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Parental Tattoos

Above all, parental tattoos are quite special pieces. Many parents choose to get the names or portraits of their children inked onto them. Baby foot and handprints make for widely-seen parental tattoos; sadly, these can also be associated with the memory of losing a child. Not all parental tattoos are strictly about the names and faces or body parts of children, though. Creative tattooed folk also select certain verses from poems or beloved stories, shared moments, or favorite toys of the child(ren) in question as their family tattoo.

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Along with that, parents also get tattoos that are representative of a tough time in the child’s life that was successfully overcome. Colorado-based mama Samantha Prater explains, “The one I just got is for [my daughter] Zoey. In Greek her name means life, which is [represented by the] lifeline. And the heart is for her heart surgery as an infant!”

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Mom and Dad Tattoos

Whether it’s positive or negative, the ones we call “Mom” and “Dad” play huge roles in developing the people we’ll be later in life. Moreover, gratified children opt for tattoos with their parents’ names, their birth and sometimes death dates, and the simple titles they call their parents.

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Imagery and Quotes

There are many images that are often witnessed in the realm of family tattoos. The family tree is one of the most prevalent; other widely seen images are the anchor and the heart. These are strong, potent images that mean display a staunch commitment to and love for the family associated with them.

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While the simple word “family” comprises a large portion of family-based tattoos, some people choose to incorporate longer quotes into their pieces. Statements such as “Family first,” or “Family forever,” are rampant. Some families choose to ink on a Bible verse or beloved mantra in commemoration of everything familial.

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Lastly, families are important—no matter who the members are. Inking a family tattoo onto your skin shows your personal love and appreciation for a very specific group of beings who only belong, in some way, to you.



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