20 Hot and Stunning Female Tattoos

In the current political world, sex and gender remain interesting things. Is a gender identity determined at birth by the mind or genitals, or is it something that we form as we mature? On top of that, how many genders are there? Male and female are the ones we all know, but the spectrum includes all kind of third-genders and non-genders. In a world that uses feminine and masculine to define abstract concepts, how does this affect the art and tattoo world? For today’s article, we’re talking about Female Tattoos. This encompasses all tattoos with feminine qualities, especially designs made for women. So grab some nice tattoo ointment and check out all these cool designs!

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Since tattoos have no sex or gender this remains a constructed concept…but it is still of use if you would like to find something that matches your feminine personality traits. If you enjoy looking through female tattoos, gallery images galore follow this! Look at female tattoo images, tattoo ideas for women, and tattoo designs for women and see if you find anything that matches you! If you think your favorite tattoo looks painful, fear not! Lidocaine cream helps you achieve your perfect sexy tattoo.

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Wings to fly…

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Female Tattoo Designs

Sexy tattoo ideas for women don’t pop out of nowhere. It takes a lot of thought and planning to make tattoo designs beautiful. Female tattoos curve and twist more than their masculine counterparts. The straight lines in masculine tattoos mimic the hard shadows of a male face and their broad shoulders. Colorful designs suit female tattoos better, imitating the natural blush and soft light of a woman’s face. Female whole body tattoos add to this effect, creating a rainbow of color that dazzles and attracts. Numbing cream helps with the whole pain aspect, making tattoos more accessible to everyone–including women!


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3D tattoos for women accent the natural curves of the body and enhances them. If you want to highlight a feature or change your impression, female tattoo designs use all kinds of ways to do that. Planned correctly, you can even change the shape of your figure! Rib tattoos for girls emphasize the size of the waist, and when you plan it carefully, they can create a more pronounced hourglass figure as well. Tattoo artists should use an adjustable tattoo chair or tattoo bed to help with your tattoo placement.

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Female Tattoos in Private Areas

You can’t spot every intimate female tattoo you pass, since clothes block the way, but if you could, they would amaze you with their numbers and designs. Getting tattoos in your female genital area hurts a lot, but the tattoo serves as a nice surprise to anyone who finds it. Amazing genital tattoos usually extend from a full-body tattoo into the area. Exotic piercings for women enhance the effect that the tattoo gives and impress anyone who spots it. For more information about piercings, you can check out our Piercings feature!


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In the end, all tattoos are for women. You determine unique, meaningful tattoo designs with your own personality, not your gender or sex. Don’t let any worry of whether your tattoo is feminine or masculine get you down! Whether you want the flowing, curvy designs associated with femininity or the sharp, abstract designs of masculine tattoos, you choose with your heart which ones suit you best.


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