Movie Tattoos | 50 Incredible Film Tattoos

Movie Tattoos | 50 Incredible Film Tattoos

After searching around for a while, I realized that good movie tattoos are hard to find. These movie-inspired pieces of art all have an original take on the characters that you see in theaters, immortalized as film tattoos. We gathered a gallery of over fifty photos for you to draw inspiration from and remember fondly. Out of all of these tattoos, I put the spotlight on four of the best. Check them all out, though!

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Film Reel Tattoo

Tattoos are a still, unmoving medium. When you see a tattoo, you don’t expect it to move. When you look for movie tattoos, you expect to see movie stars. This film tattoo is a little different in those two regards—it actually focuses on the film reel rather than the contents. The use of a film reel allows for a small amount of movement and animation. Of course, I don’t mean animation literally—but this tattoo does technically have frames. The addition of the leaf is just icing on the cake. This is a beautiful tattoo.

film tattoos 42 film tattoos 41film tattoos movie 15 film movie tattoos 14 film tattoos 13 film tattoos 40 film tattoos 39 film tattoos 38 film tattoos 36 film tattoos 35 film tattoos 34 film tattoos 32 film tattoos 31film tattoos 58

The Terminator Tattoo

This portrait-style tattoo has all the right colors, lighting, shading, and execution. But what stands out about it is the composition. The subtle scratches that reveal the metallic surface underneath the skin portrays the terminator in a subtle way. The lighting picks up the mood where the content doesn’t. The dark, heavy shadows tell anyone who’s looking that this character is frightening.

film tattoos 48 film tattoos 47 film tattoos 46film tattoos 12 film tattoos 11 film tattoos 10 film tattoos 45 film tattoos 44 film tattoos 43 film tattoos 42 film tattoos 41 film tattoos 40 film tattoos 39 film tattoos 38

Gollum Tattoo

Although the content of this film tattoo is average (I mean, there are surely tattoos of Gollum that have better anatomy), the blazing colors of this tattoo allow it to pop out beautifully and stand out from the other movie tattoos. The contrast of red and blue—good and evil, fire and safety, happy and sad—tell a part of the narrative of this character, and perhaps a part of the narrative of whoever wears this tattoo!

Film Tattoos gollom

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Star Wars Tattoo

This beautiful water-color style tattoo looks like it was drawn on canvas, rather than skin. The picture-perfect anatomy of the art, the careful attention to unified lighting, and the unique color scheme that brings it all together manages to showcase the talent of the tattoo artist. The unified theme shows the wearer’s dedication to the series, and their loyalty has managed to stand the test of time—after all, the Star Wars series is still incredibly popular.

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Maybe you also will find some further inspiration in other tattoo designs like the Roman Numeral Tattoos or White Ink Tattoos! As always, thanks for reading.



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  1. Yeah, there are some amazing tattoos here. But they are outweighed by either average or god awful ones, too.

    Also, the “Gollum” tattoo is actually from The Goonies.


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