Flame Tattoos | 40 Hot & Sizzling Designs for Tattoo Lovers

Flame Tattoos | 40 Hot & Sizzling Designs for Tattoo Lovers

Summer winds down, but fire and flame tattoos never burn out or lose their heat! Flame designs possess a myriad of meanings and symbolize exceptional and diverse ideas, for every individual who chooses to get one. Whether you love fiery ink or need some inspiration, check out over 40 hot and sizzling flame designs!

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Flame Tattoos Meaning

While flame designs bear no set meaning, certain ideas tend to attach more than others. When humans, somehow, learned to create fire, it marked the beginning of a new era in history. Some people choose to venerate this invention with representations of new beginnings. Or, perhaps, they combined the concept of fire with imagery of an unknown future. The classic Phoenix rising from the flames connotes a powerful image of rebirth or reawakening. Both of which, I should add, happens to people at many stages of life, for many reasons.

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Fire sits among the four classical elements, alongside earth, water, and air. Some choose to get flame and fire tattoos to represent their astrological sign. Or, maybe, they use flame designs to make a statement about their personality. Don’t cross a person with a flame tattoo—this fiery person will burn bridges if they feel deceived or let down. Flame tattoo wearers also consider themselves hot stuff. Consequently, they grow angry if someone passes over them without spending time in their radiant presence.

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A subset of flame tattoo enthusiasts are people who dig fast cars or motorcycles. For these gear and motor heads, flame tattoo designs are an expression of speed and heat all rolled into one flaming design of symbolism and love for their chosen lifestyle.

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Flame Tattoos Design

Flame tattoos run the gamut in terms of design. Tribal flames are rather popular; some flame designs are brightly colored in more realistic styles, while others keep it cool and simple with black, white, and greyscale flames.

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Most often, artists ink flame designs in conjunction with a second image, such as a heart, a star, or a skull. A flaming heart indicates a wearer that considers themselves a passionate person, as far as romance goes. A star connected with a flame represents a passion for stardom, while a skull engulfed in burning flames represents a tough and hardcore outlook concerning life. Pair flame designs with an symbol, or at least make it part of a larger picture. Flames don’t need to intimidate or look tough, either. Many lovely flame tattoo designs share imagery with a flower or bird, so that the flames represent passion alone.

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Flame Design Placement

Although common, flame designs make impressive leg or arm sleeves. Many people choose to incorporate flames into a bigger chest piece or back piece, as well. Along with that, not all flame designss look large or make an overwhelming statement. Some look small and hide out behind someone’s ear or around a finger or wrist, creating a cute secret. At any rate, flame tattoo placement greatly impacts the meaning of your tattoo.

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No matter where a person chooses to place their flame or fire tattoo, it’s certain that the person on whom this sizzling piece is inked is full of vigor and is hot for a life lived to its utmost.



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