Food Tattoos

Food Tattoos

Pizza. Ice cream. Anything smothered with cheese. Black bean quinoa salad with avocado garnish. Whatever your pleasure, food undeniably rules our lives. And unless you’re one of the madly unfortunate few with cibophobia, it’s pretty likely that you’re really passionate about at least a couple of foods. And may have complete and utter repulsion to others. Because we need some form of sustenance to survive and thrive, it seems obvious that tattoo-lovers around the world might opt for a food or drink-related tattoo.

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Why Get Food Tattoos?

Everyone loves food tattoos—and why not? We need to think about how to find, purchase, grow, and consume food on a daily basis. No matter our preferences, human life revolves around food. Besides a fun form of art, many people choose to get food tattoos because of their personal passion. Chef and cook tattoos run rampant. Achieving success in the culinary industry takes years of commitment, dedication, and practice in order to be successful. Inking on a reminder of this devotion is an excellent reason to consider obtaining a food tattoo.

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Certainly, you don’t have to work in the culinary arts or food service worlds to consider getting a fresh food tattoo. Maybe you and your significant other met in an ice cream parlor, or your deceased relative’s favorite thing to do was make homemade soup—and you want to memorialize your bond with and love for this other person.

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Gallery of Food Tattoos

Perhaps, you simply walked into a tattoo shop after eating the best taco of your entire life and simply had to commemorate the experience with a new piece of ink work, or you have a friend who’s a tattoo artist and just drew up the most amazing sushi roll ever and wants to use a wee spot of your skin as a forever-home for this masterpiece. How does one say no to that—unless, of course, anything fishy makes you want to crawl out of your skin. In which case, you’d have to be a pretty good friend to agree to that particular piece of ink.

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Some food tattoo-getters take the opposite route of choosing food they love, and instead, work with an artist to create an image of food that is notoriously awful—such as fast or overly processed food. These sort of political statements in ink are regularly seen in conjunction with an image of a dagger or skull—something that represents death. People who engage in a vegan lifestyle are one particular such group that’s likely to sport one of these kinds of tattoos.

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Popular Food Tattoos

Tattoo-wearers live to venerate their favorite components in life on their personal skin canvases, and food is no exception. As pizza is arguably the favorite food among most Americans, pizza tattoos running the gamut from realistic and dripping with piping-hot cheese, to cartoony and hilarious can be found on the arms, hips, and thighs of people all over—no pun intended.

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Other widely observed food tattoo images are hamburgers, hot dogs, and—of course—bacon. But vegetarian and vegan tattooed people have plenty of diet-related ink, too. There are scores of beautiful and amusing fruit and vegetable tattoos—from the traditional-style cherries to cornucopia-esque visions of delicious natural beauty. Dessert tattoos are another widely represented genre, since at some point in life, everyone should save room for dessert.

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Another form of food tattoos come in the form of pin-up girls. Holding food or placing food on their lady bits, these girls still look sexy. There’s scarcely a sexier or more appealing combo than a good-looking person and a delectable morsel of goodness paired together in a single inking.

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So, you want a new tattoo? Stuck on what to get? Go eat a brownie, or drink a cup of tea, and consider talking to an artist about a food tattoo. Your stomach will thank you later.

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